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The new setup lab maybe use the followings dental lab equipment list and the reference of prices details from leading dental laboratory equipment suppliers.

  • Dental casting equipment 

High frequency casting machine:It is a commonly used technical equipment in the dental prosthetics department. It is used for the melting and casting of various dental high-melting alloys, such as cobalt-chromium and nickel-chromium alloys, to obtain various casts such as denture brackets, inlays, crowns and bridges. High-frequency centrifugal casting machines can be divided into two types: air-cooled and water-cooled according to their cooling methods.

Vacuum casting dental machine:It is a new type of casting machine, which is controlled by a microcomputer, which can automatically or manually complete the melting and casting of various dental alloys, avoiding the oxidation and segregation of alloy components, and making the performance of castings stable. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high degree of automation, small size and easy operation.

Titanium casting machine: Dental casting machines are divided into high-frequency centrifugation, medium-frequency centrifugation, vacuum pressure, and titanium casting machines. The general dental laboratory needs more than one type of casting machine, choose them appropriately and match them according to your needs. A set of casting dental lab equipment products is estimated to cost about 50,000 usd.The main manufacturers are Italy Manfei, Germany’s KaVo, American Dentsply, Germany’s Heraeus Kusa etc brand.

  • Dental porcelain furnace

It is one of the special dental lab equipment for dental restoration, mainly used for grilling dental porcelain. Vacuum porcelain dental furnace refers to a porcelain furnace with vacuum function. Commonly used porcelain ovens for oral cavity have the following characteristics:

1 The melting points of commonly used porcelain in clinical practice are 1090~1260℃ (medium temperature porcelain) and 871~1066℃ (low temperature porcelain);

2 Since porcelain is not easy to transfer heat, if it is heated too fast during baking, the porcelain body is prone to cracks; after the baking is completed, if the porcelain body is cooled too fast, the porcelain body is also prone to cracks;

3 Porcelain powder contains a certain amount of water. During the baking process, the porcelain body has a certain degree of shrinkage and can emit carbon dioxide gas;

4 Porcelain can produce air bubbles when it is melted, which will cause voids in the porcelain body after baking. In order to cover the micropores on the surface of the porcelain body and make the porcelain surface smooth, glaze must be applied to the porcelain surface.

There are two glazing methods generally used in clinical practice, namely, self-glazing (holding the fired porcelain body at a temperature of 10-20℃ higher than the melting temperature of the body porcelain for several minutes) and separate glazing (which will be coated with low-temperature glaze The powdered porcelain body is heated to 871°C to melt it to form a surface glaze layer).

In view of the above characteristics, in order to achieve a satisfactory porcelain effect, the vacuum porcelain furnace is required to have the following functions:

1 The maximum temperature of the porcelain furnace should be able to reach the temperature of medium-temperature porcelain, the porcelain should have temperature control equipment, and there should be an observation window for each parameter in the baking process;

2 Porcelain furnace should have vacuum function and control the vacuum degree to improve the quality of porcelain.

Porcelain tooth is the most commonly used method in oral beauty, and the porcelain furnace is the main equipment for manufacturing porcelain teeth. So the choice of porcelain stove is very important. The price of branded porcelain dental furnace ranges from 8,000 to 16,000 usd, mainly including Japan’s Morita, Germany’s Kava, Sirona, American Dentsply, and Italy’s Manfi.

  • Dental lab polishing equipment 

Dental lab polishing device:It is an important part of dental restoration equipment, mainly used for grinding, polishing and cleaning in the process of denture restoration.

Micro-motor for mechanics: dental laboratory handpiece, also known as micro-mechanical grinder. It is used for grinding, cutting and grinding when making dentures. The machine has the characteristics of small size, high speed, strong cutting force, stable and reliable rotation, and easy to carry. The price is ordinary 100 to 300 usd, and more than 2,000 for advanced ones. Among them, the product with the best performance in this aspect is the original NSK, as well as South Korea, Italy’s Memphis.

Dental laboratory lathe:It is one of the most basic equipment in the laboratory. The dental laboratory lathe polishing machne is used for repair grinding and polishing. The price is also more than 500 usd, and most dental equipment suppliers have supplies.

Mental cutting polishing machine:It is one of the special equipment for mechanics, mainly used for cutting castings and grinding and polishing of dentures. A good metal cutting machine should have the characteristics of stable performance, low noise, small size, low vibration, dustproof and easy operation. The price is more than 300usd.

Dental sand blaster:also known as sand blaster machine, is a device used to remove surface residues on dental restorations (crown bridges, brackets, snap rings, etc.).It is often used in conjunction with centrifugal casting machines. The price of ordinary equipment is only 600 to 2,000 usd, and the most advanced equipment imported requires more than 5,000 usd. The main manufacturers include Italian Manfi, American Dentsply, and South Korea also have some products.

Electrolytic polisher: It uses electrochemical corrosion principle to electrolytically polish the surface of metal castings. It not only improves the surface finish of the casting, but also does not damage the geometry of the casting. The price of this machine is about 600 usd.

Ultrasonic cleaner: It uses ultrasonic waves to generate vibrations to clean the surface of the oral restoration. It is mainly used for cleaning of complex and high-precision castings such as porcelain and metal crowns.The cleaning machines commonly used in the market are generally ultrasonic cleaning machines. There are many china dental lab equipment manufacturers that make it easy to buy. The price of the ultrasonic cleaner products is about 200 usd, while international brand ones only cost more than 1,200 usd.The main brands of cleaning machines are: Italian Manfei.

Dental spot welder:It is a kind of equipment used for welding metal materials, mainly used to manufacture various kinds of denture brackets, fixed bridge metal parts and various types of orthodontics. It is an essential equipment for dental prosthetics and orthodontic laboratories. There are several china dental laboratory equipment manufacturers producing it, and the price is about 400 usd. There are also related products international brand at ominous prices.

Dental laser welding machine:It is one of the necessary equipment in modern dental production room, mainly used for the welding of precious metals, non-precious metals and titanium alloys. The price of a fully functional laser spot welder is more than 50,000 usd.

  • Parallel dental milling machine

It is mainly used for parallel observation, grinding and drilling of dental restorations models. The price is about 1,000 usd, mainly including Italian Manfei,some products from South Korea.

  • Dental implant machine

It is a kind of oral prosthetic equipment used for implant socket forming surgery in oral prosthesis. Reasonable selection of the implant machine and the tools used for the implant is an important measure to reduce damage and improve the tightness of the implant and the implant socket. It is of great significance for the precise implantation of the implant and the acceleration of the implant bone healing. The cheaper price of  dental implant machines is about 2,000 usd.

  • Computer Aided Design and Production System

It refers to computer-aided design and manufacture system computer-aided design and manufacture, The CAD/CAM dental milling system is a “mini” processing plant for dental restorations with CAD/CAM technology as the core. It can complete the design and production of the required restoration by the clinical dental chair. KaVo ,Vhf,Imes icore in Germany has products in this area, but the price is unknown and various of in domain to choos.It needs the high performance of dental cad cam material such as dental zirconia block,dental pmma blocks etc to complete the restoration in digital production.

  • Plaster model finishing machine

Plaster model dental trimmer also known as plaster dental grinding machine,It is a commonly used technician equipment in the prosthodontics department.The machine has the characteristics of convenient operation,safety and reliability,and corrosion resistance.The price is around 400 usd,there are Italian Manfi and German Kava brand.

  • Vacuum mixer

Dental vacuum mixer is a special equipment for dental prosthetics department.It is mainly used for mixing gypsum or a mixture of embedded materials and water.The mixture is stirred in a vacuum state to prevent air bubbles and ensure the quality of plaster-infused models or embedded castings. The price of vacuum mixing dental machine is more than 1,000 usd from china dental lab equipment suppliers,and more than 4,000 usd from advanced equipment suppliers: Manfi in Italy,Kavo in Germany,and Dentsply in the United States.

  • Computer colorimeter

Color match with computer Color comparison is a very important step in the production of porcelain restorations.The accuracy of color comparison directly affects the coordination between the color of porcelain restorations and natural teeth.

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