Resin-Reinforced & ZERO-Expansion Dental Die Stones – Precise models and articulation.

Achieve superior accuracy and precision with our advanced dental die stones, specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of modern dental labs and practices.

Super hard type 4 resin-reinforced stone for fragile dies. Zero expansion articulator stone for accurate long-span bridgework.

Packing: 1000g/bag, 25 bag/carton, minimum order one carton.

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Plaster | Gypsum | Dental Die Stones Products

Dental die stones are gypsum products used for making accurate dental models. These high precision stones are formulated for fabrication of crowns, bridges, implants, and orthodontic appliances in the dental lab and office. Our dental die stones include super hard, resin-reinforced stones and zero-expansion articulator stones for accurate, stable models and dies.

Technical table:

Parameter Resin-reinforced super hard

die stone

ZERO-expansion articulator

die stone

Water Powder Ratio 20-22ml:100g 33-35ml:100g
Coefficient of expansion <0.08% 0.00%
Initial setting time 6-8 minutes 4-5 minutes
Net weight (per bag) 1000g 1000g
Bags per carton 25 25
Weight per carton 25Kg 25Kg
Color Gold brown, cream White
Key features – Resin-reinforced

– Super hard Type 4

– For fragile dies

– Zero expansion

– For articulation

– High precision


Resin-reinforced super hard die stone

  • Purpose: High precision working models and accurate dies
  • Applications:
    • Fabricating crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays
    • Producing orthodontic appliances
    • Creating implant surgical guides
    • Modeling complex restorations

ZERO-expansion articulator die stone

  • Purpose: Mounting master casts with maximum accuracy
  • Applications:
    • Articulating final casts and master casts
    • Mounting implant and orthodontic casts
    • Precision long-span bridgework
    • Minimizing errors between articulated casts
Additional information

Resin-reinforced Gold Brown, Resin-reinforced Cream, Zero expansion

gypsum products for making accurate dental models
Resin-Reinforced & ZERO-Expansion Dental Die Stones – Precise models and articulation.
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