Unbeatable Accuracy and Value with Snow Scan Powder For Dental Lab Scanning Proceedure

Snow Scan Powder – Revolutionary scanning powder for dental CAD/CAM delivers 10x more accuracy and 60x more scans than traditional spray.

Ultra-fine 1μm coating adheres evenly to all surfaces for superior precision.

Packing: 10g per box with a brushes.

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Dentistry CAD/CAM Scanning with Snow Scan Powder

The revolutionary new scanning powder that yields superior accuracy and value compared to traditional spray. This innovative powder delivers an ultra-fine 1μm coating, 10x more precise than the average 12μm layer from spray.

Snow Scan Powder adheres evenly to all surfaces – metal, wax, zirconia, stone, resin, and more. It applies smoothly without messy overspray or uneven buildup. The powder is incredibly economical, providing over 3000 scans per container versus just 50 with a standard spray can.


Parameter Snow Scan Powder Traditional Spray
Quantity 10g per box
Applicator With brush
Coating Thickness 1μm 12μm
Scanning Accuracy 10x higher
Scans per Container 3000+ 50
Economical 60x more
Application Even, no dry time Uneven, dry time
Cleanup Easy with steam cleaner

With Snow Scan Powder you get:

  • 10x more scanning accuracy
  • 60x more scans per container
  • Super thin, even coating
  • No dry time between applications
  • Easy on, easy off application

Application is a breeze. Simply load the soft brush generously with powder before applying to the dental appliance. Check for full, uniform coverage then scan as usual. Cleanup is fast with your preferred steam cleaner.

Experience precision and value for all your dentistry CAD/CAM needs.

powder alternative to spray for dental cad cam scanning
Unbeatable Accuracy and Value with Snow Scan Powder For Dental Lab Scanning Proceedure