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Why dental lab equipment?

Dental lab equipment comprises the all-essential tools that are mandatory for the fabrication of prostheses and restorations. The efficacy and efficiency of dental lab equipment bring the finest and accuracy in the final copy. Therefore, dental technicians can select the best available and economical equipment and tools for the dental lab framework.

For quality dental construction, the instrument should be based on the new technology and methodology. Several types of dental lab equipment are available. Always try to select the best tool with a beautiful working life that safe your money and time.

Ideal quality of dental lab equipment

  • The material used in dental lab equipment should be corrosion-free and fatigue-resistant, and has a long shelf life.
  • The dental lab equipment should base on the advanced working technology for the fabrication and construction of dental products.
  • Select the economic instruments with the best working ability that the expert can effectively use in the dental lab.

Types of dental lab equipment

The dental lab equipment’s needs in each step of fabrication. Based on working, they can be divided into subcategories.

Processing instruments

They are essential equipment for the working and processing of dental prostheses. Like a dental flask, a dental flask pressure kit is critical to the acrylic denture framework. In addition, a dental wax heater and former vacuum heater are required for the wax-up necessary for prosthesis and restoration formation.

Calibration instruments

The calibration or marking brings accuracy to the prosthesis: Pindex dental machine, dental lab parallel surveyor used for the marking in a dental lab.

Finishing instruments

The final step in the dental lab is the polishing and finishing of the prosthesis and restoration. The dental lab equipment used is a dental sandblaster machine, dental electrolytic polisher, and dental model trimmer and grinder—all these help to remove surface debris and smooth the final fabrication.

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