Magnetic Articulator With Lateral and Protrusive Movement

Enhance Dental Restorations with a Semi-Adjustable Magnetic Articulator.With Artex System Mounting.

Precise Replication, Efficient Adjustments, and Enhanced Patient Comfort.

Create Well-Fitted and Functional Dentures.

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Articulator With Retrusive movement
Magnetic Articulator With Lateral and Protrusive Movement

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Semi-adjustable Articulator With Artex Compatibility Magnetic Mounting Base

A magnetic base articulator is a specialized dental instrument used in prosthodontics, particularly in the field of removable dentures and dental restorations.

It plays a crucial role in accurately replicating the patient’s occlusal (bite) relationship and transferring it to a dental cast or model. This is essential for creating well-fitted and functional dental prostheses.

The articulator consists of two main components: the upper member and the lower member, which are connected by a magnetic base. Each member represents the upper and lower jaws, respectively.


features of magentic artex mounting articulator

Technical Specification Range/Value
Condylar Guidance Inclination -15° to +60°
Curvature Radius 19 mm
Bennett Movement 0° to +30°
Retrusive Movement 0 to 2 mm
Incisal Guidance Pin -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table
Mounting Base Ladder-shaped design
Compatibility Artex Amann Girrbach System


Precise Replication: The magnetic base articulator enables accurate replication of the patient’s jaw relationship, resulting in well-fitted dental restorations and dentures.

Efficient Adjustments: The magnetic attachment allows for quick and easy removal and reattachment of the upper and lower members, making adjustments and fine-tuning the occlusion convenient for dental professionals.

Enhanced Patient Comfort: By replicating the natural jaw movements and occlusal relationship, the articulator aids in creating dental prostheses that fit comfortably and function effectively.

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Articulator, Disposable mounting plates