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What is dental zirconia blocks?

Dental Zirconia blocks are the strongest and most aesthetically translucent restorations available in today's dentistry. Nothing looks more like natural teeth. The homogeneous material structure of our blanks provides the basis for the excellent strength characteristics and long-term clinical durability of a dental prosthesis made of Nano zirconium dioxide.

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Our material dental Zirconia blocks are compatible with different CAD/CAM systems such as the Zirkon Zahn system, Sirona Inlab System, Aman Girrbach system, and Wieland system.

Dental Zirconia block in dental lab CAD CAM procedure:

  1. Opting for the appropriate zirconia blocks according to the size and shape of the crown or bridge, fix it on the CAD/CAM milling machine with the adhesive, and scan it by CAD/CAM Scanner.
  2. We are setting the parameter by the ratio and shrinkage of each dental zirconia block.
  3. Milling Open the system, finish the milling. Pls, handle the finished products gently.
  4. Put the finished item in the sintering furnace.
  5. Use a polishing tool specially made for zirconia to adjust the occlusion and shape of the restoration. After coarsely finishing, Proceed to external dying and glazing.
  6. The whole production is completed.
  7. Packed material zirconia dental blocks should be stored at relative humidity, not more than 80%.


Why choose Zirconia dental block?

The intraoral scanning is quicker and more agreeable by using zirconia dental block, and the computer applications are cutting edge. Still, it is the progress in materials that electricity cad/cam dentistry.  Zirconia is one of the substances, which makes it feasible to supply patients with fast generated, durable, and decorative crowns and bridges.  

Using its strength and reachable milling properties, Zirconia is a superb alternative for various clinical scenarios, particularly posterior and long-span restorations.  New zirconia formulations figure out approaches to give a little bit of power to gain vastly improved decorative skills, permitting the substance to be utilized anywhere in the mouth.  

Zirconia disks are a mainstay in the majority of dental labs. Today, with the arrival of new furnaces, more CAD/CAM dentists are working together with the substance for chairside digital dentistry.  Following is a side-by-side look at a few of the zirconia possibilities available to dental labs and clinics.