Chairside Dental Milling Machine

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Chairside dental milling machine

The 5-axis chairside dental milling machine is a dry dentistry cad/cam milling system for various materials of dental cad cam blocks available.

This dental milling machine is specially designed for clinics due to its compact structure, fast & accurate milling ability, and operation of milling restoration without additional compressed air. Our 5-axis chairside dental milling machine is compatible with open architecture, so you can use your existing dental cad cam scanner!

The chairside dental milling machine features of stability outlook structure(rectangle overall size: size:443*391*475mm), and a user-friendly touch screen.

chairside dental milling machine process various of dental cad cam material
chairside dental milling machine process various of dental cad cam material

Our Dental Laboratorio chairside dental milling machine is applied for open dental cad cam blocks(zirconia, pmma, wax, peek blocks, diameter 98mm with steps, heights from 10-30mm). The dental milling tools 45mm length, 4mm shaft diameter, and size:0.6mm,1.0mm,2.0mm

cad cam dental milling machine tools size


  • Dental clinic chairside design
    Overall size:443*391*475mm, compact size and structure

chairside dental milling machine - Dental Laboratorio product

  • Box structure design
    High rigidity, no deformation.

chairside dental milling machine is rigidity design

  • Alarms and complete protections
    Low pressure of the air cooling: low pressure of changing dental milling burs.

Chairside dental milling machine is comprehensive alarms of the protections

  • Open dentistry cad/cam system
    Our chairside dental milling machine supports international ISO standard G code, which is compatible with  HyperDent,Delcam Dental, Sun3d millbox, GO2dental, WorkNC dental, etc.

chairside dental milling machine is international ISO standard

  • Efficient dentistry cad/cam milling processing
    Excellent and simple touch screen control, simple operation, no need of professional CNC programmers, one-button operation, stable operation.

chairside dental milling machine is intelligent processing

  • High Efficiency
    –The chairside dental milling machine features high power frequency conversion, and it can mill zirconia, pmma, peek, wax dental cad cam blocks efficiently.

chairside dental milling machine highly effciency in dentistry cad cam


chairside dental milling machine specification

Dentistry cad/cam application case on chairside dental milling machine:

dental milling machine application on various of restoration material


Additional information
Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 450 × 400 × 480 cm
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