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The 3D Dental Lab Scanner is an innovative product that offers a fast, accurate, and affordable way to scan dental impressions and die stone models.

  • Actuary(ISO12836):7μm, Output format open STL
  • Scan technology: Blue LED Laser and 2 x 3.0MP Camera
  • DHL delivery
  • Weight 6KG

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Most Accurate 3D Dental CAD/CAM Scanner Dental

The 3D dental lab scanner is a revolutionary technology that offers a range of benefits to both clinicians and dental lab operators. The technology converts conventional dental impressions made on putty or any impression material into digital impressions by scanning the dental impression or physical die stone model.

It eliminates the need for physical storage and increases the accuracy of CAD production (CAD-CAM crowns, etc.).Moreover, digital records can be easily accessed and shared, making dental impression scanning easier and more efficient.

The 3d dental lab scanner box is a fully automated open 3D dental scanner from smart optics. With desktop design, it helps dental laboratories increase their denture manufacturing productivity.A 3d dental lab scanner is a faster and more accurate solution.

Our product adopts two 3.0MP cameras and one blue LED light providing the best capture and scan accurate details. Regardless of the degree of specialization, our CAD/CAM dental scanners can ensure that professional needs are met, workflow is optimized, and flexibility is ensured.

 Technical Terms Values
 Resolution of the Cameras 3.0 Mega Pixels X 2
 Point Spacing 10 μm
 Scan area 100 x 100 x 75 mm
 Scan principle Phase-shifting optical triangulation
 Size 37 x 35 x 42 cm
 Weight 5 Kgs
 Light source LED, Blue Light, 150 ANSI Lumens
 ConnectionUSB Type 3.0 B-type
 Actuary(ISO12836) 7 μm
Full arch Scan speed 7 Sec (8 cuts)
3D Dental Lab Scanner parts in all together

Feature of the CAD-CAM Dental 3D Scanner

High Compatibility: Expert may export a document in “STL.” and “PLY.” A format that allows flexibly integrated into CAD/CAM solutions.

Texture Scanning: Capturing marked margins or handwritten notes, thereby helping technicians to design products such as Partials and Orthodox

High Accuracy: Scan accuracy ≤7μm assures reliable scan result

Outstanding scanning speed:

  • 13 seconds for scanning a full arch
  • 6s for a bite scan
  • 13s for upper / lower jaw scan
  • 18s for 1-4 dies scan
  • 33s for 5-8 dies scan
  • 32s for impression scan, etc.

Benefits of 3d dental scanner

Blue Light Scanning: Advanced blue light shed technologyHighlight features to provide high-quality model 3D technology

High Efficiency: The scanner allows the user to adopt array structure light technology, with fast scanning and efficient results. A large number of algorithms use graphics acceleration to improve computing speed.

More Details: Advanced post-processing algorithms to ensure data effects

High Precision: Precision measurement algorithm based on the grating to ensure high precision and high solution. The highest precision of resolution is higher than 0.010mm.

Full Automatic: The scanner is completely automatic rotatable, with simple operation flow and one-dimensional realization of 3D scanning of the model. 3D dental lab scanner supports various denture types scan: Texture, Abutment, Veneer Articulator scanning, Replica scanning, Orthodontic scanning, Impression scanning, etc.

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Additional information
Weight6 kg
Dimensions40 × 55 × 45 cm
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14 reviews for 3D Dental Scanner

  1. Lindita Mema (verified owner)

    UNIQUE design that I was looking for👍

  2. Lars Mohamed (verified owner)

    I love the fact that I can get online products delivered right now

  3. David (verified owner)

    Genuine products at lowest price

  4. Xiomara Mendez (verified owner)

    better than expected 🙂

  5. Vita Thompson (verified owner)

    I ordered a 3D dental lab scanner from this company and it arrived in 15 days. I am really happy with the experience. The scanner is really accurate and works much faster than any of my previous ones. It’s also cheaper than the other models that I researched too! I totally recommend this website for any dental lab equipment that you need!

  6. Alger (verified owner)

    Everything Is in Package Which Mentioned on website, software is also easy to use

  7. Elizabeth Timmermans (verified owner)

    packaging was great

  8. Micaela Jasso (verified owner)

    Very efficient website. Covers all dental needs. Incredible fast delivery services. My order got delivered within 2 days of order confirmation. Good product quality.

  9. Kai (verified owner)

    It’s also perfect for my budget and has good packaging too!

  10. Herb Tingey (verified owner)

    Speedy delivery, parcel was little damaged but product is great

  11. Dr Bentley Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I am a dentist and have tried many dental 3d lab scanners in the market. This is by far the most accurate and fastest one I’ve ever used. The delivery time is also very quick which made my workflow a lot smoother. It’s definitely worth checking out!

  12. Goodwin (verified owner)

    As medical student who has to use 3D dental lab scanners for my studies, and the quality of scans delivered by the 3D dental lab scanner is the best I’ve ever used. The scans are high quality and have very little scanning errors. It’s also easy to use and delivery was very quick. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an accurate 3D scanner machine.

  13. Aaron D. Jones (verified owner)

    Most affordable 3d dental lab scanner on internet

  14. Michael S. Houser (verified owner)

    It is good machine to use. The quality of scanner is super. Thank you so much dental laboratorio.

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3D Dental Lab Scanner
3D Dental Scanner