Pneumatic Denture Injection System

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Using a pneumatic dental lab injection machine can help dental labs increase their productivity, reduce material wastage, and improve the quality of their products.


  • Heating temperature:282°C-288°.
  • Air supply pressure:0.4Mpa
  • Pressure time:7m 30s-11m.
  • Shipping weight: 38 Kg.

Get perfect flexible dentures every time with our Dental Laboratorio advanced pneumatic flexible denture injection system.

Increase your dental lab’s productivity and quality with the reliable and easy-to-use pneumatic flexible denture injection system.

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Pneumatic dental denture injection system

A pneumatic flexible denture injection system is a device that is used to create flexible dentures by injecting specialized material into a dental mold. The system consists of a hot press, cylinder, heater, bracket, flask, and an automatic temperature control system that includes temperature control, timer, electric systems, and a pneumatic system.

The hot press is the main component of the system and is used to apply heat, pressure, and air pressure to the specialized dental material. It consists of a frame, cylinder, heater, bracket, and flask. The cylinder is used to hold the dental material, and the heater is used to heat the material to a specific temperature. The frame, bracket, and flask hold the cylinder in place during the injection process. The pneumatic system is used to provide air pressure to the material during the injection process.

The automatic temperature control system is responsible for maintaining a consistent temperature and pressure during the injection process. It includes temperature control, a timer, electric systems, and a pressure gauge. The temperature control system ensures that the material is heated to the correct temperature, which is typically between 282°C-288°C. The timer system ensures that the material is pressurized for a specific amount of time, typically between 7m 30s-11m. The pressure gauge is used to monitor and maintain the correct air pressure during the injection process.

Benefits in a dental laboratory:

  • Time-saving: The pneumatic injection machine can complete the injection process quickly and efficiently, which helps save time.
  • Improved Quality: The machine ensures that the material is injected uniformly into the mold, resulting in high-quality dental products with minimal defects.
  • Cost-effective: The pneumatic dental lab injection machine is a cost-effective solution for dental labs. It reduces the need for manual labor, and the high level of accuracy reduces material wastage.
  • Easy to use: The machine is easy to use and requires minimal training to operate. It is also compact and can be easily integrated into a dental lab setup.
  • Versatile: The pneumatic denture injection machine can be used for a variety of dental materials, including denture base resins, orthodontic resins, and dental implant materials.


  • Plugin: AC 110/220v/50HZ ±10%
  • Power:400w
  • Heating temperature range: 282°C-288°C
  • Pressure time:7m 30s-11m
  • Air supply:0.4Mpa
  • Weight:33Kg
Additional information
Weight38 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 80 cm
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Pneumatic Denture Injection System
Pneumatic Denture Injection System