dental electrolytic polisher

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dental polishing cr-co and stainless steel machine;


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dental electrolytic polisher

Electrolytic Polisher is used in restorative dentistry. It can be used to polish objects that are polished by sandblaster such as cobalt-chrome alloys or objects made of stainless steel: denture frame, crowns and bridges and clasps. This machine can also be used to polish work pieces that are made of special materials.

It has a delicate design and beautiful shape, its small size makes it a compact device. The electrolytic baths are its cathode, and the anode is the clip which is used to hang casting. The timer controls the duration of electrolytic polishing, and the current can be controlled during the polishing process.


Voltage 220v/50HZ 10%

Power 400W

Timer 0-12min

Output working current:0-20A can be adjusted

Output voltage:0-20V


1.After unpack the package, check if all the accessories are inside. Read this manual

carefully before using.

2.Pour right amount of electrolyte into the baths.

3.Tie the casting to a metal wire and hang it on the L-shaped another bracket soak the

casting completely into the electrolytic in the cathode ring. Do not let the casting on the

anode touch the cathode to avoid short circuit. Then cover the organic glass.

4.Connect the machine to an electric outlet, turn on the power, then the power indicator

should be on and the machine is in standby state.

5.turn on the power switch , adjust the timer clockwise to the desired time, turning the

“time” button, then turning the current button, from small to large, start to polish, then

there is foam in the slot.

6.After the temperature of liquid rises, it will causes bad smell, as this time, you should

press the button “Heat radiation and smoke exhaust”, the pump and fan start to work.

7.After settimg the time, then it will automatically power off. At the same time, let the

output current button to 0, take out the workpiece.

8. It is not allowed to get the workpiece without trun off the power during the process

of polishing.

9.Because of careless operation, occur short circuit, then the fuse will be broke, you

should turn off the electric to exchange the fuse.

10. The distance between the workpiece and polar plate should be more nearer and

symmetrical; choose right liquid, setting the electrolytic time and current value, the

temperature of liquid, the shape of workpiece, these parameter will decide the the

polishing quanlity, so choosing carefully.


The working current should not be exceed 25A.

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Weight14 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 cm


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