Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace

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The dental zirconia sintering furnace features a touch screen for easy program setup.

Smart temperature control ensures accurate sintering within ±1°C.

Silicon molybdenum heating elements enable smooth zirconia sintering.

The furnace completes 80 zirconia pieces in 3 hours (3 crucibles).

Programs include rapid sintering, normal sintering, and user-defined.

Power-off memory continues sintering from any program phase.

Features pure color touch screen, high-sensitivity panel for easy operation, real-time monitoring and temperature collection, built-in sintering programs, and multi-point heating for stable and even temperature rise to reduce cracks.

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Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace

The furnace product features of touch screen, making it easy to set up a zirconia sintering program.

The dental zirconia sintering furnace comes to a smart temperature control setting making the zirconia sintering accurate within error at ±1℃. The accessories of the heating elements made of MoSi2 ( Silicon molybdenum rods ) mad ensure the zirconia sintering procedure smoothly.

There are 4 programs settings on the dental zirconia sintering furnace touch screen, which enable to completion of 80pcs zirconia restoration workpiece at one time(3 crucibles) and takes 3 hours to complete.

  • Rapid sintering;
  • Germany zirconium;
  • Normal sintering;
  • User-defined/Custom

dental zirconia sintering temprature programming

The zirconia sintering furnace dental equipment design with power-off memory function, so that it can continue to work on the sintering zirconia procedure from any phase of program setting.


  • Pure color touch screen operation panel;
  • The high-sensitivity panel, easy to operate, let sintering start at a touch;
  • Real-time monitoring of program operation, real-time temperature collection, accurate temperature control;
  • Built-in 4 setting sintering programs to choose from, including user-custom;
  • Multi-point heating makes the temperature rise more stable and even, greatly reducing the chance of realizing fracture.


The touchscreen zirconia sintering furnace streamlines workflow in dental labs by automatically firing up to 80 dental zirconia pieces with precision temperature control. This high-capacity furnace with built-in sintering programs increases dental lab productivity and restorative quality.


  • Overall dimension:57x34x38cm
  • Max.Temperature:1700℃
  • Temperature Accuracy:±1℃
  • Power:1000W
  • Voltage:110/220V, 50/60HZ
  • Chamber Size:130mm*110mm*70mm
  • Total Program No.:4 programs
  • Net Weight:46 KG

Our sintering tube data:

our provided zirconia sinterning furnace tube specification

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5 reviews for Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace

  1. Owen (verified owner)

    Good product …quiet handy and easy to use ….patient was happy with the result ….thank you Dental Laboratorio for quick and smooth delivery..

  2. Avery (verified owner)

    This is the best unique product in the market and comes with a great finish

  3. Henrik Lindqvist (verified owner)

    cost is good too!👍👍

  4. Evelyn Lewis (verified owner)

    Meilleur produit n vaut pour l’argent

  5. Kevin (verified owner)

    Shopping with Dental Laboratorio is just amazing experience, Always. Quality of products is really good and support is very nice.

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