dental polishing lathe

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Polishing dental lab casting,denture,porcelain teeth;

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The dental polishing lathe is used to polish various kinds of metal (Ni-Cr Alloy,Cr-Co Alloy, and stainless steel) ,

plastic dentures, dental braces and porcelain teeth. The housing is made of extra-hard materials. It is a necessary equipment for all dentists.

Dental polishing machine for sale


Power supply voltageAC220v/50hz 110v/60hz ±10%
Rotational speed3000rpm

1.Motor  2.Protective Case  3.Wheel   4.Power


1. The dental lab lathe polishing machine should be used under 1,000 M altitude,between the temperature of 15°c and 40°c,

and under the humidity of 95%.

2. Before using the dental lab bench machine, please check if the accessories are damaged during transportation.

3. Before using the machine,please use your hands to ture the axis of the grinding wheel, and it should

be smooth, if not, the problem should be solved before operating.


1.Please use this machine under the right voltage and frequency.

2.The housing of the lathe should have a good grounding

3.Please do not use this machine in the room filled with the gas which might cause fire or explosion.

4.Do not take off the safety case.

5.Please do not use this machine outdoors.

6.Please do not spill water onto the machine while it is working.

7.The direction of which this machine rotates should be the same as the direction written on the instruction sheet.

8.User should wear goggles while operating

9.To avoid being hurt by the pieces coming off the work piece, please do not push the work piece violently onto the grinding wheel.

To avoid hurting other people by turning on the machine accidentally,please turn off the machine and cut the power after using.

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Weight15 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 50 cm


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