5 axis dental milling machine

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5 axis dental milling machine

The device is a high-precision, 5-axis dry-milling machine designed for dental CAD/CAM systems. It boasts a wide range of compatible materials, including zirconia, Peek, PMMA, Wax blocks, and offers exceptional accuracy, stability, and compatibility.

Its advanced features, such as the smart CAM nesting system and intelligent touch screen, make it an ideal choice for complex restorations such as bridges, crowns,frames, splints, and abutments. The machine comes equipped with a premium spindle and imported core parts, providing better dental blocks handling and automatic tool change to deliver higher efficiency.

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With its durable stability and excellent compatibility, the 5 axis dental milling machine is an excellent investment for any lab or dental office.

  • Compact structure: The milling machine has a compact size of 620mmx500mmx650mm, making it suitable for use in small dental clinics and laboratories.
  • Box structure: The machine has a high rigidity box structure that provides stability during operation, ensuring precision and accuracy in the milling process.
  • Comprehensive alarms of the protections: The machine has a comprehensive protection system that alerts the operator of low pressure of the air cooling, low pressure of the changing, unsuccessful returning the knife, breaking the bur when cutting, and using the wrong type of burs.
  • Open controller system: The milling machine supports international ISO standard G code and is compatible with popular CAM software, such as HyperDent, Sun3d millbox, GO2dental, WorkNC dental, and Delcam Dental. This open controller system allows for greater flexibility and versatility in the milling process.

dental milling machine with open cad cam software

  • Intelligent processing: The machine is equipped with intelligent processing capabilities that enable it to automatically detect and adjust to the material being milled, ensuring optimal results.

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Our dental milling machine accessories of dental milling tools are international dentistry cad/cam standard size: The dental milling tools come to length 45mm, shaft diameter 4mm, head size 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm.

cad cam dental milling machine tools size

Dental milling machine parameter

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Application in cad/cam dentistry

dental milling machine application on various of restoration material

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Weight 96 kg
Dimensions 620 × 500 × 650 cm
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