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What is CAD-CAM technology?

CAD-CAM is computer-aided designs and Computer-aided manufacturing. Additionally, It helps the dentist and technician to fabricate the prosthesis without manual fabrication. The cad cam technology is operated by software and various scanners. 

Why do dentists use CAD-CAM technology?

The oral scanners capture the direct oral imaging that will help in the model construction. The dentist can also send the images of the patient’s impression, and the dental lab technicians carry the further steps. With the help of dental cad cam material, the dental technicians construct the final prosthesis for patients. 

CAD-CAM importance in dentistry

Innovation in dental technology brings perfection and excellence in prosthesis fabrication. New latest dental lab equipment and techniques make dental appliances flawless and error-free. One of the newly introduced dental prosthesis construction approaches is the dental cad-cam. 

The suggested approach reduces the unnecessary steps of fabrication and makes the procedure simple and reliable. Dental CAD-CAM utilizes the various dental cad cam materials and computerized equipment and helps construct the best-fitted dental devices for the patients.

How we manufactured CAD-CAM Burs?

Dental Laboratorio CVD Diamond coated dental milling tools are manufactured with Switzerland CVD diamond coating raw material and technology through hot filament reactors.

    • Tungsten carbide endmills stick with 6-8% cobalt are coated by CVD diamonds covered. 
    • The stability of the diamond coating dental milling tools provides longer usage lifetimes and excellent performance on milling, drilling, and cutting in dental zirconia restoration workpieces.
    • Dental Laboratorio CVD Diamond Coated dental zirconia milling burs/tools can work with more than 600pc zirconia workpiece per burs, which outperformance all others coated available in the dental milling tools product market.
    • Dental zirconia milling burs/tools are compatible with CAD-CAM dentistry Wieland, VHF, Roland, Imes Icore, Zirkon Zahn, Amann Girrbach, Sirona MCX5, Sirona Inlab, Arum, Ceron, etc.

Feature of the CAD-CAM dental milling tools

    • Extreme wear resistance;
    • Close dimensional tolerances, saving time to change new milling tool frequently;
    • Optimized geometries;
    • Increase tool life of milling ability to more than 600pc zirconia workpiece per bur;
    • The excellent surface finish on dental zirconia milling burs;
    • Greater process efficiency on dental zirconia milling, cutting.

CAD-CAM Digital scanners

The digital scanners are used for data capturing in place of manual impression. The scanners construct the 3D imaging of the oral cavity. Besides, The edentulous area is marked for prosthesis fabrication. The cad cam scanners can also take the data from the models and impressions.

CAD-CAM Designing

The cad cam software constructs an ideal and best possible dental appliances design. The dental technicians and dentists can communicate for the restoration designing. For the designing of prosthesis type of dental cad cam material and patients, needs should keep in mind.

Dental CAD-CAM materials

Dental cad cam materials construct the restoration and prosthesis. For cad cam fabrication, The dentist can use single material or a combination of materials. The ideal cad cam material should have the following properties.

    • Dental cad cam material should be biocompatible.
    • Esthetically acceptable.
    • Easy manipulation.
    • Dental cad cam material should be corrosion-resistant.
    • It should not be degraded in the CAD-CAM machine.
    • Dental cad cam material should be economical.
    • Materials should have a long shelf life and be durable.

Cad Cam dental wax block

Dental waxes are synthetic or natural compounds that help in cad cam milling processing. The wax blocks are thermoplastic materials that can be molded and fabricate the different dental appliances. Dental waxes are the most essential and initial dental cad cam material used in milling. The wax pattern is constructed for the partial and complete prosthesis, and casting is proceeded by the other dental cad cam materials. The dental wax blocks can be adapting the different shapes without disintegration.

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