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The Good dental impression tray minimizes patient pain during impressions by fitting comfortably on the maxillary arch of any size. It is also helpful in dental procedures, such as making an appearance of teeth before crowns, bridges, or dentures fix them.

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Dental Impression Tray

A dental impression tray provides a perfect replication of teeth and oral tissues. Firstly, the dentist takes the image in a dental mold tray that carries the impression material. Then, the tray holds the material in the working stage. Later, the dental impression tray is inserted and removed after the setting of the impression material. Accurate prosthesis and restoration fabrications need an exact dental replica of the oral cavity.

After the impression is used for further processing and construction, the impression trays are available in different sizes. You can choose the best tray according to the patient dental arch size.

Material of dental impression tray

The two most commonly used materials for the dental impression tray construction are:

Metal impression tray

The metal tray is reusable after sterilization. The tray has efficacy and strength with a long shelf life. It's more economical than plastic trays. The stainless steel used for the dental impression tray is corrosion resistant and resists cracks and fractures.

Plastic impression tray.

Plastic trays are available in different coolers. It's mostly disposable. The plastic avoids any trauma and impingement of oral tissues while impression taking. The plastic used for the dental impression tray is hard and resistant to stress.

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stainless dental impression tray

Types of the dental impression tray

Impression tray for a complete denture

The patient is edentulous, having no teeth in the arch. The tray has a small size border only to covers the edentulous arch. The complete denture tray can be metal or plastic. The impression material used is the impression compound.

Impression tray for a partial denture

The partial denture dental impression tray has a long border to cover the remaining teeth in the arch. It can be for one half or a complete arc.

Application of dental impression tray

  • The impression trays used for the preliminary impression of partial and complete denture.
  • It's used for restoration, inlays, onlays, and crown fabrication.
  • It also utilizes in the maxillofacial prosthesis construction.
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