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Dental Flask

Dental flasking is the crucial step in the fabrication of dentures and restorations. The denture wax pattern converted into the acrylic base with the help of flasking. The tool used for this purpose is the dental flask. The metallic device contains the wax pattern and dye and converts it into the acrylic denture. It is constructed by a solid and high-quality metal that can easily bear the high temperature and pressure of flasking. The new technology addental flasks are also available in the colorless less or colored plastic.

Types of the dental flask

The flask selection is necessary for denture construction. There are two main types of dental flask.

    • Metallic flask
    • Plastic flask.

The metallic dental flask is suitable for acrylic and metal denture base, while the plastic flask is more effective for ceramic restorations.


Parts of dental flask:

A dental flask consists of three parts:

Base or lower half

The base of the dental flask is also called the lower component. It contains the dental mold or wax pattern in the flask. It is the non-removable end.


The body of the dental flask has contained the plaster for the fixation of dental mold for flasking. The body has adequate space for denture placement.


The lid is a removable component from the upper half of the flask. It also helps to put adequate pressure on flasking. The top can be metallic or plastic, depending upon the flask used.

Application of dental flask

It’s used for denture base construction and denture fabrication. It also helps acrylic custom tray formation for the second impression.

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