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What's PINDEX Machine?

The PINDEX system assists us in creating exact models of teeth with the use of mould. Additionally, it gives a very simple method to produce precise parallel drill stations.

  • More precise drill placement for Superior DIY
  • Visible registration beam in most lighting for low eye shadow
  • Focus-free laser outlasts traditional bulbs
  • Manual drilling to preset thickness System Modes
  • Complete Assortment of hooks and breeding sleeves
  • Durable, high-quality carbide drill
  • Adaptive rubber base moulds
  • Handsaw with blades

The Pindex System is intended to help produce accurate versions and DIY to manufacture dental restorations. In addition, the Pindex System is utilized to drill parallel holes to the bottom of the model correctly. Afterwards, Precision Pindex Pins might be cemented into similar holes. Pins are chosen depending on the area available. Finally, precision pinning of DIY and segments of the master version permits the tech to disassemble and reassemble the version and correctly facilitate restorations.

Why we need PINDEX machine?

Dental calibration and fabrication need accuracy and precision. Therefore, the dental PINDEX system consists of the drilling machines, dental model base and pins. Accordingly, The pins hold the dental ground on the base plate at the correct position. The accuracy of holes is responsible for the alignment and positing of dental moulds. In addition, the dowel pins are corrosion resistant and compatible with dental PINDEX.

Application of dental PINDEX

  • Dental PINDEX ensures the stability and accurate positing of dental mould.
  • It provides a base to the dental mould that helps to achieve a better dental prosthesis and feasible fabrication.
  • Dental pindex ensure error-free and fine copy in the dental lab.
pindex dental laboratory equipment for sale

Components of PINDEX system:

PINDEX dental machine

It’s the drilling machine for the correct holes’ placement in the dental mould. Besides, the device has high quality and fine material for long-term use. The PINDEX machine has the base for the base placement and pins insertion.

Model system plates

The dental PINDEX system has hard plastic model plates with the central magnetic portion. They are responsible for the direct attachment of the dental mould. The model system plates have size and shape varies according to mould type.

Dental dowel pins

Dental dowel pins are the brass pins for building a real connection with the mould and mould system plates. The size is according to holes in the model or drilling machine pins size. The pins fitted in the model holes and remain during the final construction and trial.

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