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Products: Dental Crucible

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Dental Crucible

The dental crucible is a cup shape of dental lab equipment used to heat and mix dental products. It is also made of hard ceramic that can resist the high temperature of heating. Moreover, We can find dental crucible in different shapes and sizes. The dental lab can select the ideal products according to their needs and availability.

The expert uses the dental crucible to melt dental alloy in casting. Besides, The dental crucible has a lid cover for the protection of metal during the casting. Additionally, The spherical dental sintering sand placed In the dental crucible helps achieve the high temperature Needed for the casting. However, the preheating of the dental crucible prevents Slag formation while melting The alloy.

Application of dental crucible

  • The dental crucible is extensively used for the casting of dental crowns, bridges, and prostheses. Dental crucible promotes the molten metal flow from the crucible to dental mold. 
  • It is used for the casting process and melting of gold and base metal alloys for dental fabrications and production in a dental lab.
  • The dental crucible is also used for the inlays and onlays dental restoration that has a metal framework. 
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