pindex dental drills-2.35mm

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Pindex dental carbide drill bit

Pindex dental drills are used by pindex dental machines. It is a pinhole drilling unit that is used widely to precisely drill minute holes for various prosthesis and dental models in dental laboratories. Pinhole drilling systems can at certain revolutions per minute.  This allows for a smooth continuous circular motion and produces exact pinholes even in hard-edged die stones. Most pinhole drilling systems such as pindex utilize a laser for accurate positioning of drill holes.

Our company provides pindex dental drills that are designed and manufactured under precise technologies using international standard protocols. Pindex dental drills are made up of high-quality carbide material. The size of the dental drills varies and is available in two sizes.

Model A: These dental drills are long in size

Model B: These dental drills are short in size

Pindex dental drills are compatible with the Giroform model system and Zeiser. It provides improved speed and drills bits. Besides, these are resistance-free and can work for longer durations with equal efficiency.


  • A—2.35mm long
  • B—2.35mm short
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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 cm

A, B

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pindex dental drills for sale
pindex dental drills-2.35mm
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