50pc Giroform Model System Plates

Giroform model system compatiable;

preminium ,secondary amann girrbach plates;

quarter disposable plates

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This dental laboratory plate is for the giroform model system pindex fabrication model production.

It is compatiable with the amann girrbach plates for stone production.

Giroform model system plates are dimensionally stable base plates used for impression taking and to overcome the expansion of plaster. The base plates are resistant to expansion; it saves the working step and avoids plaster expansion. Before using the plaster, the pinhole is fixed into the base plate, to record the position of the individual segment in the cast. The high-precision standardized plate material ensures smooth drill holes into the plaster and secures precise pin management. The flat surface of the base plate facilitates the effective control of the segment position through an easily recognizable minor gap. These base plates and retention disc are subject to reusable hence increasing the cost-effectiveness.

We at our company provide model system plates that are manufactured and designed using high-quality materials and manufacturing protocols. The Giroform model system plates require a minimal amount of plaster for a dental arch. The inclined surface assists the plate holder and removal of the model from the dental articulator. These base plates are reusable multiple times.

It is compatible with the Amann Girrbach plates for stone production. It is available in three types.

–      Premium plates disposable

–      Quarter plates disposable

–      Magnetic secondary plates


amann girrbach giroform model system pindex plates series


It is three parts: preminium plates disposable,quarter plates disposable,magnetic secondary plates multi-times application.

The quarter plates disposable color will be delivered at random,it is the same function.

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50pc Giroform Model System Plates
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