Intraoral Impression Tips

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Intraoral Impression Tips

Impression material mixing tips are designed to properly combine the components of dental impression materials, either delivered by hand or by an automatic dispenser system. Integrated channels in these tips allow the imprint substance’s various components to be combined in the specific proportions desired.

Depending on the product and its application, various mixing aids are required, ranging from simple mixing tips to a dynamic mixer for electrical dispensing and mixing devices. Depending on the indication, different procedures for applying the substance are used. All of the mixings, dispensing, and application aids are simple to use and conserve material.

The intra-oral tips will make it easier for impression materials to flow into the delicate margins of tooth preparations while keeping them bubble-free. These tips will allow easy dispensing and high performance.

Package:100pcs/bag, (500bag/ carton, dimension: 40x40x25mm, and weight in 6.5 kg).


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Intraoral Impression Tips
Intraoral Impression Tips