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Dynamic Mixing Tips

Dynamic impression material mixing tips are designed to combine the components of dental impression materials appropriately, whether they are dispensed by hand or by an automatic dispenser system. These tips have internal routes for the various components of the imprint substance, allowing them to be blended in the precise ratios required.

To obtain the maximum capacity, open the dispenser’s lid and pull the holder. After attaching the dynamic mixing tips to the cartridge, insert the impression material cartridge into the dispenser and lock it. To make the impression material comes out of the cartridge smoothly, pull on the trigger.

Return the rack to its original location after use. Remove the cartridge and repeat the procedure described above. These are designed to combine the benefits of static and dynamic mixing to eliminate the bubbles that can occur when impression materials are mixed quickly. Always Keep plenty of dynamic mixing tips on hand, and double-check that the tips you have are suitable for the impression material you’re using.

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Dynamic Mixing Tips