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What is Dental PMMA?

Dental PMMA or polymethyl methacrylate is a resin-based dental base material. It's extensively used in dentistry as a denture base material. It's a biocompatible dental material with easy manipulation and no toxic side effect. The dental Pmma has had wear resistance and fracture toughness. Dental PMMA has excellent and robust bonding with composite and resin. It's available in different color shades.

Acetal PMMA and Multilayer PMMA

Acetal PMMA has excellent strength that can bear the chewing and masticatory forces. It has accurate colored stability and wears resistance. The Acetal PMMA has effective manipulation in the denture base. Acetal PMMA is used to diagnose teeth, implant case provision, smile repair, and denture setup. Multilayer PMMA has PMMA bulk and bounding between different layers of material. The multilayer PMMA has an advantage in the cost, optical transparency, and easy processing. It's solid and stable with a non-irritating nature. 

Application of dental PMMA

The dental PMMA is used in the denture base construction or removable and complete denture. The Acetyl PMMA has its role in the dental implant placement process. It's also utilized in the smile correction treatment and hiding the dental stains. Dental PMMA is also used in orthodontic manipulation.

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