60pcs dental vacuum forming sheet-1.5mm size

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Dental vacuum forming plastic sheet

Round and Square

Hard and Soft

1.5mm size


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Dental vacuum formering plastic sheet

Order parameter:

Shade A1—square type

Shade B1—round type

Size: 1.5mm


  • Hard forming sheet for orthodontic retainer use
  • Soft forming sheet for bleaching tray use

dental vacuum forming sheet for sale


 Don’t need high-temperature adjustment, use the plaster to do shape first, covered with dental vacuum forming sheet and then press out the shade of the bleaching tray.

How to operation

1.tore to model a slice of protection film of two sides to the mouth cavity Yin mold.

2.model machine to heat mouth cavity Yin a mold to model a slice with the vacuum.

3.model the slice to the mouth cavity Yin mold after heat to put at work well of gypsum type Up, and take out vacuum. off to get a sufferer the yin mold of the mouth cavity appearance behind.


1.Excellent thermoforming properties, prevent blistering

2.Good toughness, strong endurance, prevent rupture

3.Providing excellent weather resistance and chemical resistance properties, to prevent discoloration, enviroment protection, economic


Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions6 × 10 × 20 cm

A1, B1


hard, soft


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