vacuum mixer dental machine

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Vaccum mixer dental laboratory machine;

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Vacuum mixer dental laboratory equipment is used for mixing and vibrating investment materials and molded materials. As the mixing process is done in a vacuum state, the work piece is free of bubbles, and firmness and compactness of the mold has also been improved.


Voltage AC220V±10%

Power 150W

Bowl Capacity 500ml

Gross Weight 27kg

Dimensions 43x43x59cm

Method of Installation

Our vacuum Mixer is a table type machine; it will work normally combined with the air compressor. Unpack the package, then check if all the accessories are inside.

Connect the machine to a power supply. Then the machine can be operated following the instruction.


1.Put oil into the vacuum pump(up to the line). Make sure the oil is within 5mm up

or down the oil line while using.

2.Connect the power wire of the oil pump with the mixing machine.

3.Plug in the machine.

4.Stir the material inside the vacuum bowl to pasty state.

5.Screw up the air outlet bolt. Switch on the machine and preset the Mixing time.

Press the Vacuum Pump button. Connect the vacuum bowl closely with the machine

and then press Mixing.

6.After finishing the mixing, switch off the machine.

7.Use the lower black part to vibrate.


1.Read all the operation steps before use to avoid damage.

2.The oil pump must not be operated without oil in it.

3.The oil pump must not be operated without pumping anything.

4.Do not disassemble the machine without professional instruction.

5.Please check the grounding of the machine regularly. Make sure there is a safe connection between the case of machine and the ground.

6.Make sure the investment is less than one half of the vacuum bowl in case there is blocking of the air circuit.

Stardard Reference

Power Consumption:150W

Power Voltage: 220/110V 50/60Hz

Vibrate Method:Stepless Speed Change


Rotational Speed:320rpm


CTN Size:51X31X31cm

Gross Weight:27KG

With a Cup

Additional information

Weight28 kg
Dimensions50 × 50 × 80 cm


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