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Dental lab casting machine

The dental centrifugal casting machine is a common mechanical device for dental restoration part. It is used for melting and casting various dental high melting point alloys to obtain castings such as denture frames, inlays, and crown bridges.

The machine uses centrifugal force to separate molten metal from its mold and form a precise, customized dental restoration. The process is fast and efficient and can produce intricate shapes and detailed designs. It is also relatively easy to use and maintain.

The main component of a centrifugal casting machine is the centrifugal wheel. This wheel produces a centrifugal force that is directed at the molten metal, forcing the metal to separate from its mold. The metal then enters a spinning container, where it is cooled and solidified. Once the casting is complete, the restoration is thoroughly inspected for any flaws.

Please pay attention to the following points when using:

1. Please ensure that the platform is stable. and the crucible is in the correct position.

2. The workstation should have a fairly good protection device to prevent the molten metal from splashing and hurting the workers.

3. Please pay attention to the inertia of the spring to avoid hitting the hand during the operation.

4. Keep clean and dry. Please clear the equipment and get rid of the residue after casting.

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 8 cm
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dental centrifugal casting machine
Dental Centrifugal Casting Machine