brushless micro motor dental electric

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50000rmb speed electric micromotor dental;


For dental lab zirconia,cobalt chrome alloy workpiece;

3.5KG,free DHL delivery.

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micro motor dental electric

Brushless micro motor dental equipment with maximum 50000rmb speed is special for the dental laboratory zirconia,alloy workpiece.

The brushless micro motor dental electric is djustable speed design of 0-30000RPM,0-500000RPM button on motor,foot padel is for adjustable suit speed.


MotorBrushless & sensor motor
Speed range0-30,000RPM/0-50,000RPM
Max. Torque6.0Ncm
DimensionsHandpiece L152*ø26mm
WeightHandpiece 245g
ConcentricityMax. deviation less than 0.02mm
Input power220W
Input voltage AC110V/AC220V/AC240V (option)
Grinding head diameter2.35/3.0/3.175(mm)
Chuck size2.35/3.0/3.175(mm)
FunctionClcokwise and anti-clockwise rotation,Self-diagnosis,Error display, Hand/Foot auto-recognition


1. Brushless motor, small size, large torque, high power, high efficiency, high speed, low noise, low heat, long life, no interference spark, no need to replace carbon brush, commutator, high efficiency, high speed, maintenance free. The motor has a longer life, saving labor costs and production investment. Cutting and grinding, power is no longer a problem.

2. Intelligent control, speed display, touch digital button, low failure rate, simple and generous, comfortable to use, automatically increase the output power according to the load size, so as to keep the speed constant, so that your engraving processing can be expected. Accurately visible speed reduction relies on experience and makes it easy to use.

3. Three layers of protection, reduce dust, finer protection of bearings, and extend bearing life.

4. Precision manufacturing, small tip shake, and smoother phone operation.

Package includes:


Foot Pedal*1pcs



Disassembling Tool*2pcs

User Manual*1pcs

Additional information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 8 cm


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