laboratory dental micromotor brushless

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0-50000RPM,0-30000RPM adjustable speed;

Brushless dental lab micromotor;

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Dental micromotor brushless

0-30,000 and 0-50,000RPM brushless dental laboratory micromotor,powerful spiral speed,it is a great dental laboratory equipment to work on the dental porcelain,plaster stone,denture,cobalt chrome alloy ect workpiece.

The dental micro motor brushless is adjustable speed padel design.It is convenient to polish the dental laboratory zirconia,denture,cobalt chrome alloy,plaster model etc workpiece.


MotorBrushless & sensor motor
Speed range0-30,000RPM/0-50,000RPM
Max. Torque7.8Ncm
DimensionsHandpiece L155* ø 24mm
WeightHandpiece 183g
ConcentricityMax. deviation less than 0.02mm
Input power300W
Input voltage AC110V/AC220V/AC240V (option)
Grinding head diameter2.35/3.0/3.175(mm)
Chuck size2.35/3.0/3.175(mm)
FunctionClcokwise and anti-clockwise rotation,Self-diagnosis,Error display, Hand/Foot auto-recognition

Standard configuration:

1. Host power box

2. One handle

3. Foot switch

4. Handle bracket one

Warm Tips: The three-leaf spring (clamp) of the original factory handle is standard 2.35MM.


1. Do not idling the handle, you must install the bur.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use non-original accessories.

3. It is strictly forbidden to collide strongly, especially the handle mouth, which is most afraid of falling straight down.

4. The bearings are strictly prohibited from refueling.

5. Keep a safe distance that children can’t touch.

6. Please keep the environment clean.

7. Do not use the machine overloaded.

8. Prevent accidental activation.

9. Make sure the voltage volts of the socket match.

10. Do not touch your hands after the product is turned on.

11. Please stay away from water and fire.

12. Use goggles to prevent dust from entering the eyes.

13. The grinding head will gradually wear out. In this case, please remove the old grinding head and replace it with a new one.

14. Be sure to turn off the power when not in use to ensure safety.

Package includes:
Foot Pedal*1pcs
Disassembling Tool*2pcs
User Manual*1pcs

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Dimensions5 × 6 × 8 cm


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