Programmable Brushless Dental Motor with Changeable Gear Ratios

Our advanced yet quiet brushless dental motor delivers adjustable torque up to 3Ncm and speed from 2000-40000 rpm for precision cutting and drilling.

Integrated contra-angle 1:5 handpieces, LCD touchscreen controls, and programmable memory make procedures easier.

Compatible with all dental chairs.

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Versatile Dental Motor with LCD and 1:5 Increasing Speed Handpiece

The LCD touch control dental motor features a quiet brushless motor and integrated 1:5 gear ratio contra-angle handpiece with fiber optic lighting and anti-retraction valve.

It has adjustable speed, and rotation direction, as well as compatibility with multiple gear ratios and dental chair systems. The system provides illumination, power, and versatility for endodontics, restorations, and oral surgery procedures.

Customizable Handpiece Performance

  • Adjustable gear ratios – dentists can use reducing handpieces like 4:1, 8:1, 64:1 or 128:1 for improved torque
  • Changeable rotary direction – forward or reverse rotation expands treatment options
  • Increase speed ratios like 1:2 or 1:4.2 for specialized procedures requiring high rpm
  • Reduction ratios and bidirectional rotation augment handpiece versatility
  • Wide range of speed and torque settings suit various clinical needs
  • Customization expands handpiece utility for endodontics, restorations, surgery, and more
  • Flexibility to optimize handpiece function and performance for individual procedures

Motor and Handpiece Features

LCD Smart Touch Control Panel

  • Water resistant touchscreen display for easy programming and operation
  • Simple interface for adjusting settings

Quiet Brushless Motor

  • Built-in brushless motor with cooling system stays cool during extended use
  • Operates quietly at less than 68 decibels during cutting and drilling

Standard 1:5 Increasing Speed Contra-Angle Handpiece

  • 3-way internal water spray for cooling and rinsing
  • Push button bur changing system for quick bur replacement
  • Anti-retraction valve prevents backflow
  • Fiber optic light for illumination
  • 1:5 gear ration, handpiece rotation speed maximum reaches to 200,000rpm


Control PanelLCD touchscreen display
Motor TypeBrushless
Motor Torque3.0 Ncm max
Motor Speed2000-40,000 rpm
Preset Gear Ratios1:5, 1:1, 16:1, 20:1
Custom SettingsM1-M4 programmable
Handpiece Ratio1:5 Increasing
Handpiece IlluminationFiber optic
Handpiece Max Speed200,000 rpm
Bur Shank TypeISO 3964
Sterilization134°C steam autoclave
Noise Level<68 dBa
Power Input100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power Output27V, 2.5A
Dimensions130x129x54 mm
Additional information

Complete Motor, 4:1 handpiece for engine files, 4:1 handpiece for RA bur

Customizable Dental Motor System with Adjustable Speed
Programmable Brushless Dental Motor with Changeable Gear Ratios
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