Strong 90 Micromotor

Original south korea made;

Strong 90 micromotor for dentist;

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Strong 90 micromotor Original

Strong 90 Micromotor made by durable material with efficient working speed.

The foot pedal helps to avoid cross-contamination while working.

Potable size offers the easy and convenient storage of Micromotor.

The premium quality material provides the long working like and saves the money.

High-resolution speed, without additional vibration and heat generation.

Long working life with the additional guarantee that saves your money and time.

High performance and speed control system of Strong 90 Micromotor


Use for the trimming and polishing of acrylic dentures, crowns and restorations.


Micro motor 90+102 hand piece
Brand new and made in Korea
Basic model, Mini-compact design
0~35,000 rpm, less-vibration standard carbon brush motor
Non stage speed system
Right/Left Turing ability
On/Off switch
for a long-time use thanks to the stable circuit layout.
Six months Guaranteed
Bur size :2.35 mm
Power: 65W
Torque: 280
Power Supply voltage:<A>220V/50Hz±10%


Packet include

1 High Speed 35000 rpm 102 dental hand pieces
1 Foot Pedal Switch
1 Control Box Main machine 100v/240v
2 Carbon Brush
1 Wrench
1 Operation Manual in English
1 Free Plug Adapter If necessary

Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 6 cm
strong 90 micro motor
Strong 90 Micromotor
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