Electronic Endodontic System

Powered by advanced brushless technology, this system offers unparalleled precision and control for enhanced treatment outcomes.

With an options variable speed 16:1 reduction handpiece, customizable speed ranges, inner irrigation system, and compatibility with various instrumentation, achieve successful root canal therapy with ease.

Experience the future of endodontic treatment and elevate your practice to new heights.

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Brushless MicroMotor for electric handpieces
Electronic Endodontic System

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Experience a level of control and precision like never before with our innovative Electronic Endodontic System

This cutting-edge solution is designed to revolutionize root canal therapy through its advanced brushless technology.

The system offers a variable speed handpiece for effortless speed adjustment and with high torque control during endodontic procedures. With the 16:1 Endodontic treatment mode, you can customize the speed range from 100 to 2500 RPM, ensuring optimal control and flexibility.

Brushless motor KaVo compatible

The 16:1 reduction handpiece head is equipped with an internal irrigation system, offering effective cooling and irrigation during procedures. The system is compatible with multiple instrumentation types, including rotary files for 60° reciprocating motion, hand files for vertical reciprocating motion, and 2.35mm diameter RA burs and polishers for 360° rotation.

endodontic handpieces head options

handpiece attachment head for RA burs and polishers

The detachable handpiece heads also ensure easy maintenance and seamless integration with KaVo systems. You can combine and alternate between instrumentation tools for optimum results during root canal therapy.

Enjoy the added convenience of switch buttons for 1:1 direct drive and 1:5 increasing multiplier options in our motor system. You can also integrate with compatible electric handpieces for additional functionality and ease of use.

1:5 increasing high speed options

increasing speed handpiece specification

45° increasing high speed handpiece options

Take your practice to new heights and deliver the best endodontic treatment possible with our Electronic Endodontic System, featuring unmatched precision, control, and efficiency.


  1. Advanced brushless motor technology for superior performance.
  2. Variable speed handpiece with high torque control.
  3. 16:1 reduction handpiece head with adjustable speed range (100-2500 RPM) for precise endodontic treatments.
  4. Inner irrigation system in the 16:1 reduction handpiece head for effective cooling and irrigation.
  5. Compatibility with rotary files for 60° reciprocating motion, hand files for vertical reciprocating motion, and RA burs and polishers (diameter 2.35mm) for 360° rotation.
  6. Detachable handpiece heads for easy maintenance and compatibility with KaVo systems.
  7. Versatile switch buttons for 1:1 direct drive and 1:5 increasing multiplier options.
  8. Option to integrate with compatible electric handpieces for enhanced functionality.
  9. Designed for successful root canal therapy with precision instrumentation.


Parameter Value
Brand Name HARMONI or Customize Your Logo
Code Number 6U0
Power Source Electric
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale Service Return and Replacement
Material Metal, Plastic, Steel
Quality Certification CE
Instrument Classification Class II
Drive Ratio Options 1:1 Direct, 1:5 Increasing Speed, 16:1 Reduction Speed
Speed 2000-40,000 rpm
Water Supply Inner water spray
Light Source LED light source
Motor Connector To Handpiece International standard E-type
Chair Connector Holes 4 holes (links to dental chair)
Input Power AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Noise ≤ 60dB
Torque 3.4 Ncm
Weight 70g

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Additional information
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 cm
Option models

Complete set motor, motor, 16:1 handpiece with rotary files head, 16:1 handpiece with hand files head, 16:1 handpiece with RA head, rotary files head, hand files head, RA head, 1:5 handpiece fiber optic, 1:5 handpiece non-light, 45° angled handpiece fiber optic, 45° angled handpiece non-light, 1:1 handpiece fiber optic

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