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Endodontic Apex Locator

Apex locator measures the length of the canal and finds the apical end with the electric lead device.

The LED provides the additional benefit of a clear and visible environment in RCT.

The reciprocating action offers an easy and reliable apex location.

The Electronic apex locator can be with or without a cord, depending upon the specific design.

Material:The Electric Endodontic Apex locator is made of high-quality plastic.

Electric Endodontic Apex Locator function

root canal apex locator for sale

endo root canal Apex Locator


1. Effectively prevent needle breakage, the torque will be automatically reversed when the torque reaches the peak value, and the operation is simple;
2. LED light source lamp, convenient to check the internal environment of the oral cavity, simple operation;
3. Imported motor, strong power, efficient cutting, planetary gear box, longer life, more durable; 16:1 reduction ratio;
4. Smart charging mode, charging as you use it, recyclable, wireless contact charging design, safe and reliable, and the working duration can reach 3-5 hours;
5. Personalized customization, 6 custom modes can be adjusted arbitrarily, fast and convenient to use;
6. The plug-in interface adopts the international general interface, and the plug-in method is used for docking, which is simple and quick to change when used;

6 smart modes to meet different needs:

  • P1 mode: forward pass, automatically reverse when encountering resistance;
  • P2 mode: reverse 150, forward 30, reciprocating;
  • P3 mode: reverse transmission, when encountering resistance, automatically forward;
  • P4 mode: forward rotation 150, reverse rotation 30 degrees, reciprocating movement;
  • P5 mode: forward pass, stop when encountering resistance;
  • P6 mode: Reverse transmission, stop when encountering resistance.
  • Speed and resistance can be adjusted according to work needs.


Electric Endodontic Apex locator measures the length of the canal.

It helps to find the apex of the root canal that help in obturation and filing of the canal.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 cm
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6 reviews for Electric Endodontic Apex locator

  1. Jurgita Van Dijk (verified owner)

    order was delivered faster than the expected date!!

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    Trust me. This one is very good and best in this price. Looks wise classy product, and quality is also good when compared to other products.

  3. Yohannes (verified owner)

    This app is so feasible and all the dental items are of good quality. And the delivery is also very quick . This website is really useful for every dental student.

  4. María Antonia Garrido (verified owner)

    I have never had any complaints about the product and my patients are always happy with their experience.

  5. Emma MacDonald (verified owner)

    Sturdy, lightweight material.

  6. Kari Lehtonen (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this store to anyone who is looking to purchase products online.

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