Green Contra-Angle Speed 4:1 Handpiece

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Push-button, fiber optic light source;

Handpiece heads options: rotary files, hand files, and low speed RA burs/polishers application.

Head attachment is easy detachable, and compatible with KaVo, easy make maintenance.


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Also called reducing contra-angles. Green-colored contra-angles operate at a slower speed than the motor’s speed. The most common reduction is 6:1 but 4:1, 115:1, 66:1 (endodontics), and 20:1 are also used for implantology. They arrive at 10,000 pm.

Strawberries according to the color of the piece. In addition to speed, there are other aspects to take into account when choosing the most suitable contra-angle, such as torque, light, etc.

4:1 reduction handpiece head are options here.The attachment heads are detachable, and compatiable with KaVo.

Endododontic handpiece for rotary files
Head for rotary files
contra-angle handpiece attachment for vertical reciprocating motion endo hand-use files
Head for hand files
handpiece attachment head for RA burs and polishers
Head for RA shank burs/polishers


  • Reduction ratio: 4:1
  • Max speed:10,000min/rpm
  • Noise:<<64dB
  • Bur applicable: Contra-angle
  • Connector: E-type
  • Light source: Fiber optic glass rod
  • Water spray: inner water single irrigation system
  • Body surface: stainless steel

Benefits of endodontic application

The 4:1 Endo Handpiece Contra-Angle is the perfect tool for dental professionals looking for precision work. This handpiece offers a powerful 4:1 speed ratio driven by an electric motor, which delivers a faster and more efficient drilling result. The slim design and contra-angle head with fiber optic light source provide maximum accessibility and precision in hard-to-reach areas.

The ergonomic design allows for comfortable and fatigue-free operation, while the lightweight construction keeps the handpiece from feeling too heavy. The robust metal construction ensures durability and longevity. The device is also waterproof and dustproof, making it easy to clean and maintain for long-term use.

The 4:1 Endo Handpiece is perfect for endodontic procedures and is engineered to meet the highest standards of precision and safety. It is sure to exceed your expectations in terms of performance, reliability, and affordability.

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6 reviews for Green Contra-Angle Speed 4:1 Handpiece

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reduction speed 4:1 endodontic rotary hand-piece
Green Contra-Angle Speed 4:1 Handpiece
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