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Feature of LCD screen, torque and speed controls, auto-reverse and 6 programmable settings;

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Endodontic handpiece

Root canal prepetition is a rotary instrument for the removal of debris and infected pulp.
The rotary endodontic handpiece offers efficient and reliable tooth canal treatment. It saves time for dental preparation.
The electric endodontic handpiece has the rotary files for the pulp extirpation and canal patency.

The battery capacity is 1500mAh, the range of torque is 0.5~4.0 and the range of speed is 120~ 1000rpm. The endodontic handpiece has 10 memory modes, the dentists can set different torque and speed according to the different types of files. In the process of expanding the root canal, if the files torque is exceeded, the electric motor will automatically reverse in order to prevent the root canal perforation and the files’ breakage. The endodontic handpiece has reciprocating rotation mode, reciprocating cutting, and the operation are efficient and safe, the dentists can also adjust manual rotation according to actual situation.
In order to reduce the doctor’s financial burden and better dealwith disinfection problems, this endodontic handpiece uses a high-quality 1:1 detachable low-speed handpiece, which produces the same surgical effect as a 1:16 handpiece. It can reduce the handpiecenoice and increase the service life.
Build in rechargeable battery, left and right hand switching mode, self-calibration function, volume adjustment, auto
power-off, etc.


  • Stainless Steel one-piece mini-bender head 1:1
  • Imported ultra-quiet motor Long life, reliable and efficient
  • Super continuous rotation mode 120 ~ 800rpm adjustable speed
  • 10 memory modes with adjustable speed, Torque, and angle
  • High definition OLED screen It’s clean and clear
  • Sustained endurance Imported 1500mAh, high capacity lithium battery
  • Wireless charging


The rotary endodontic handpiece is used for the removal of pulp, canal cleaning and shaping of the canal.

Root canal preparation handpiece provide reliable and easy root canal treatment.


One-year warranty technical parameter:
1. Battery Handle lithium battery: 3.7V./1500mAh

2. Power supply Input: ~100V-240V.50Hz/60Hz.0.4A. Max Output: DC5V/1A
3. Compression range: 0.6 N-4.0Ncm (6mNm~40mNm)
4. Range of purpose: 120rpm~1000rpm

Use environment
1. Ambient temperature: +5℃~+40℃
2. Relative humidity: 30%~75%
3. Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa

dental endo motor parameter

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions6 × 10 × 6 cm
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