Dental Air Abrasion Handpiece

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water spray cooling system, standard 4 holes, Kavo, NSK PTL coupling system option;

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Dental Air abrasion handpiece

Air abrasion spray with aluminum oxide helps to suction decay and particles out of the mouth.

Air abrasion works on the minimum invasive dentistry and removes the surface stains, and debris without any cavity preparation.

It also polishes and smoothens the tooth surface with its excellent pressure spray.

There is no heat, pressure, vibration, or general discomfort caused by air abrasion.

feature of air abrasion hand piece

The product comes to international standard 4 holes, and Kavo, NSK PTL coupling system, the standard product kit does not contain the accessories of coupling connector.


It works with aluminum oxide liquid.


It eliminates the surface stains, food discoloration, plaque, and pigment spots on the tooth surface.

International standard 4 holes air abrasion handpiece full set package.

dental air abrasion package full set

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International standard 4 holes, NSK PTL system with coupling, Kavo system with coupling connector

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6 reviews for Dental Air Abrasion Handpiece

  1. Blaguna (verified owner)

    I have never had any complaints about the product and my patients are always happy with their experience.

  2. Афанасий Баранов (verified owner)

    Support is awesome.

  3. Jesus Romero (verified owner)

    I also love that I can find all of our product listings on one website, instead of having to search for them on various different websites.

  4. Tejaswani Mohabir (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  5. Alexandra (verified owner)

    The finishing is good and the packaging looks very appealing.

  6. Jamie Vasquez (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best platform for buying Dental Equipment and materials. The prices are always lower than the local dealers price. Just a suggestion, please add more and more materials so that we can get everything and we wont have to depend on any other dealer for materials

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stardard 4 holes air abrasion handpiece
Dental Air Abrasion Handpiece
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