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Interproximal reduction handpiece dental orthodontic


A safe, precise, and reliable method to achieve precise interproximal peeling. More controllable and safer for the dentist and the patient than diamond blades.

Provides the flexibility that diamond and carbide burrs need. more comfortable for the patient than manual cutting.

Effective application of the oscillating strips with movement in a fixed position or free rotation. The IPR system allows the reduction of the proximal enamel of one or more dental elements, to obtain a reduction in line with the demands of orthodontic treatment. The use of a contra-angle with movements allows the precise and controlled application of the abrasive instruments to guarantee the maximum precision and comfort of the stripping.

Complete stripping kit made up of STERILIZABLE DOUBLE-SIDED stainless steel diamond files specifically designed for interproximal reduction (IPR), available in 6 different thicknesses, and NSK Ti-Max X55 stylish Interproximal reduction contra-angle handpiece.

FLEXIBLE: The stripping files can be easily curved with the fingertips to better adapt to the natural shape of the dental crowns.

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Interproximal reduction handpiece dental