Handpiece-KaVo Multiflex Coupling System

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High-speed push button handpiece air driven.

Feature: KaVo Multiflex coupling system compatibility, 3 holes watering spray.


  • Standard or torque head handpiece,
  • 4 or 6 holes coupling connector,
  • Non or fiber optic light options.

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Push button handpiece, air-driven, KaVo Multiflex quick coupling system compatibility

The high-speed push button handpiece has an efficient cutting ability with easy insertion of dental burs.

The water spray prevents high-temperature changes and reduces the temperature.

The highspeed handpiece can be used for a long time with stylization or disinfectant on the outer surface.

Push button handpiece is available in both standard and torque head options, and clients have the flexibility to choose between four or six holes coupling connector, and you can select the exact configuration that best meets your specific dental needs.

Material: It is made of stainless steel that is corrosion resistant.


It is used in trimming and cutting tooth surfaces.

It is also provided high-speed cutting for the cavity preparation and finishing of restorations.


  • High speed 380,000-420,000rpm.
  • Push button bur locking.
  • 3 holes water spraying with anti-retraction.
  • Head size: mini, standard, torque,45° angled options.
  • 4 holes non-light, fiber optic options, and 4 and 6 holes fiber optic quick coupling.
  • KaVo Multiflex quick coupling system compatibility.
Order size options
  • 4 holes, Non-light series

4 holes KaVo quick coupling dentistry compatibility

  •  fiber optic, standard head

  • fiber optic, torque head

torque head specification of coupling hand-piece




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6 reviews for Handpiece-KaVo Multiflex Coupling System

  1. Lucas (verified owner)

    I can find my product quickly and easily.

  2. Лариса Васильева (verified owner)

    Cuando vi el paquete y lo bien envuelto que estaba, supe que había elegido el mejor producto.

  3. Sophie van den Broeck (verified owner)

    Always been easy to use and effective👍👍👍

  4. José Francisco Lopez (verified owner)

    Cuando vi el paquete y lo bien envuelto que estaba, supe que había elegido el mejor producto.

  5. বুলবুল মোখলেছুর (verified owner)

    Affordable price with Strong Built quality

  6. Նինա Գրիգորյան (verified owner)


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Handpiece-KaVo Multiflex Coupling System
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