Air Turbine Handpiece NSK Coupling System

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The best feature is fiber optic light, 3 water spray, anti-retraction, and compatible with NSK coupling system.

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Air turbine handpiece, fiber optic, NSK quick coupling system compatible.

An air turbine handpiece is a high-speed rotating dental abrasive instrument driven by compressed air.

It is very efficient with easy handling that works in the dental clinic.

The handpiece can be used to drill the tooth surface, grind, and drill bone.

It is a high-speed instrument with long working life.

Handpiece options are standard, torque, and 45° angled head, and 6 holes are available to choose from, and they are fully compatible with the NSK quick coupling system.

The Air turbine handpiece has a light source of fiber optic, it provides better treatment under continuous light.

  • Fiber optic light series

Quick Coupling handpieces dental products

  • Non-light quick coupling system

4 holes non-fiber quick release NSK system handpiece


It is used in dentistry for cavity preparation, root canal therapy, surgical extraction, and grinding of the tooth for bridges and crowing.


  • Head options: standard, and torque,45° angled
  • Bur chuck: Push-button
  • Coupling connector: 360-degree swivel and NSK coupling dentistry compatibility
  • Irrigation:3 water sprays with an anti-traction system.
  • Speed:380000-420000 R.P.M
  • Stainless steel surface body


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Fiber Optic Standard head handpiece, Fiber Optic Torque head handpiece, Fiber Optic 45° angled handpiece, 6 holes coupling, Standard head handpiece Non-light, Torque head handpiece Non-light, 4 holes coupling

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Air Turbine Handpiece NSK Coupling System
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