Implant Dental Handpiece, Straight Option

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This Kavo-compatible implant handpiece is designed for precision and control with its external water spray and fiber optic attachment head.

It also has a straight handpiece option to meet all your dental needs.

Get the most out of your procedures with this top-notch dental implant handpiece.

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Push button implant dental handpiece

20:1 handpiece is the best and most reliable for implant dental surgeries due to its effective rotating and cutting abilities.

It has a push button for the safe and fast replacement of dental burs in surgical procedures.

The material used for the 20:1 push-button implant dental handpiece is strong and corrosion-resistant.

It can be reused after the all-surgical procedure in the autoclave sterilization at high temperatures.

The KaVo system is compatible with a detachable contra-angle handpiece attachment that is perfect for implantology.

This handpiece features fiber optic lighting and external water spray to provide an enjoyable user experience. The straight handpiece option is also available for implantology.


It’s made of lightweight medical standard stainless steel


It performs all the implant-surgical procedures, bone cutting, and shaping effectively and precisely.


External water spray, fiber optic.

Torque up to 90Ncm.

Reduction 20:1 handpiece head is disasembled, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

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Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 5 cm

Contra-angle fiber optic, Contra-angle non-light, Straight handpiece fiber optic, Detachable head, Detachable handle

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6 reviews for Implant Dental Handpiece, Straight Option

  1. Zane (verified owner)

    I am using this website from past 2 years. it provides all dental products under one roof which made my job easier to get the required material. But there is delay in delivery sometimes you need to work on it for better services

  2. Isabelle Bell (verified owner)


  3. Janet (verified owner)

    I have purchased this and quality is good

  4. Վաչագան Աբդալյան (verified owner)

    Als ich das Paket sah und wie ordentlich es verpackt war, wusste ich, dass ich das beste Produkt gewählt hatte

  5. Tiiu Pärn (verified owner)

    The conclusion is intuitive and easy to use

  6. Leo Allen (verified owner)

    I like the quality in worthy price

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Implant Dental Handpiece, Straight Option
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