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Contra-angle handpiece attachment and handles parts best collection here.

All accessories of attachment and handles are compatible with the KAVO dentistry system.

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Handpiece attachment and handle parts

The contra-angled handpiece is used for high-speed cutting and grinding of teeth.
It is made of stainless steel and sterilized in an autoclave.
It has a removable head with ergometric handling of a high-speed handpiece.


It is used for prophy paste, endodontic application, and high-speed burs.
The contra-angled handpiece helps in the cutting of teeth and trimming.

Order No.

  • EN: Endo 60° reciprocating contra-angle handpiece attachment, inner water spray

Endododontic 60° reciprocating motion for rotary files

  • UD: Contra-angle handpiece attachment for vertical reciprocating motion with hand files, inner water spray

contra-angle handpiece attachment for vertical reciprocating motion endo hand-use files

  • POL: Brushes & Prophy cups application, inner water spray

prophy cup and brushes polishing dentistry application by contra-angle handpiece attachment

  • FG: FG Bur’s attachment, inner water spray

FG Burs contra-angle handpiece attachment

  • RA: Righ angle burs attachment, inner water spray

contra-angle burs handpiece attachment

  • IM: 20:1 handpiece attachment, external water spray

20:1 reduction contra-angle handpiece attachment

  • IMA: 20:1 handpiece handle, external water spray, fiber optic

20:1 fiber optic contra-angle handpiece handle

  • R16: 16:1 endo handpiece handle, fiber optic, inner water spray

endodontic handpiece 16:1 handle, fiber optic

  • R4: 4:1 contra-angle handpiece handle, fiber optic, inner water spray

4:1 handpiece attachment

  • R1: contra angle handpiece attachment ration 1:1, fiber optic, inner water spray

contra angle handpiece attachment with fiber optic

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EN, UD, POL, FG, RA, IM, IMA, R16, R4, R1