Handpiece Attachment-KaVo System Compatible

Contra-angle handpiece attachment and handles parts best collection here.

All accessories of attachment and handles are compatible with the KAVO dentistry system.

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Handpiece attachment and handle parts

The contra-angled handpiece is used for high-speed cutting and grinding of teeth.

It is made of stainless steel and sterilized in an autoclave.

It has a removable head with ergometric handling of a high-speed handpiece.

The selection of handpiece heads and fiber optic handles that our offer is truly beneficial to dental professionals.

With five types of handpiece heads and three types of fiber optic handles, they have the flexibility to mix and match to create 15 different combinations.

Not only that, but the fact that all the dental handpiece parts are compatible with KaVo means that they are compatible with one of the most popular brands in the industry.

kavo dentistry system contra-angle handpiece accessories

This variety of options allows dental professionals to customize their equipment to their individual needs, giving them the power to create the perfect handpiece setup for their practice. By providing them with the ability to tailor their handpieces, you are ensuring they have the necessary tools to deliver quality dental care.


It is used for prophy paste, endodontic application, and high-speed burs.
The contra-angled handpiece helps in the cutting of teeth and trimming.

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  • EN: Endo 60° reciprocating contra-angle handpiece attachment

Endododontic 60° reciprocating motion for rotary files

  • UD: Contra-angle handpiece attachment for vertical reciprocating motion with hand files

contra-angle handpiece attachment for vertical reciprocating motion endo hand-use files

  • POL: Brushes & Prophy cups application

prophy cup and brushes polishing dentistry application by contra-angle handpiece attachment

  • FG: FG Bur’s attachment,

FG Burs contra-angle handpiece attachment

  • RA: Righ angle burs attachment,

contra-angle burs handpiece attachment


  • R16: 16:1 endo handpiece handle, fiber optic, inner water spray

endodontic handpiece 16:1 handle, fiber optic

  • R4: 4:1 contra-angle handpiece handle, fiber optic, inner water spray

4:1 handpiece attachment

  • R1: contra angle handpiece attachment ration 1:1, fiber optic, inner water spray

contra angle handpiece attachment with fiber optic

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EN, UD, POL, FG, RA, R16, R4, R1

Handpiece Attachment-KaVo System Compatible
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