Ultrasonic Endo Activator

Sonic Endo Activator Device features LED light and comes with titanium alloy working tips.

  • Power cord: (AC100-240V to DC5V)
  • Vibration frequency:45KHz
  • Electrical capacity:1500mA
  • Continuous work up to 4 hours

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Ultrasonic Endo Activator uses ultrasonic irrigation technology for an irrigation system for root canals. It triggers the activation of the irrigating solution. It also promotes thorough cleaning and disinfection of the lateral canals, fins webs, and anastomoses that aids in 3D obturation and long-term results. Endo 1 comes with an interface for connecting directly to the Apex Locator, which enables measuring the root canal length when performing root canal irrigation.

Cleaning and disinfection are necessary for root canal therapy Endo activator aid in the activation of irrigant.It has a fine tip that can easily be entered into the root canal of the tooth.It activates the irritant solution and reduces the bacterial count.

The endo activator used to enhance the effect of irrigant solution and promote the canal disinfection

At 45 kHz, high-frequency ultrasonic vibration, the flushing could be as high as 3mm below the irrigation tip under acoustic streaming. This can help the residual chemical in the root canals will be thoroughly cleaned.
One-piece, smooth anti-break file design with lower amplitude and more secure operation

Benefits of Ultrasonic Endo Activator

  • It is designed to ensure that it is safe and effectively stimulates the hydrodynamic phenomenon. Facilitates thorough cleaning and disinfection of the lateral canals, fins webs and anastomoses by activating fluids.
  • Improves 3D obturation as well as a long-term success by completely cleaning and sanitizing the canal system
  • Significantly improves the debridement process and removal of the smear film and biofilm through cavitation and acoustic streaming.


  • The operation of this machine uses automated microcomputer control, which is simple to use and has high efficiency. Only one mode switch button allows the machine to be switched on or off by pressing the mode switch button.
  • Ultrasonic activator comes in three modes: sleep mode, hot standby mode, and irrigation mode (work mode).
  • Ultrasonic activator offers reliable performance and uses an automated frequency tracking system that automatically finds the optimal functioning state.
  • Tips, the Endo wrench, and the handle are easily removed and can be autoclaved at temperatures of 134. C and pressure up to 0.22Mps.
  • The amplitude of the vibrations in the root canal is low, causing minimal damage to the root canal. However, it is nearer the base of the canal. The vibration frequency in the root canal is high, making irrigation more efficient.

Ultrasonic Endo Activator Technical Specification

Dimension246mm x 25mm 25mm
Net weight99g
Nominal voltage3.6V
Power adapter input100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz 0.5-02A
Power adapter outputDC5V/1A
Output tip vibration frequency45KHz
Environment temperature20°C +55°C
Relative humidity at10% -93%
Atmospheric pressure70KPa 10KPa

Instructions to use

  • The dentist should prepare the root canal to the desired level of taper.
  • Pour the rinse solution into the canal.
  • Choose an activator tip that can be used passively when placed a few millimeters less than the working length.
  • The solution should be agitated using short vertical strokes over about 30 minutes. Be sure to maintain the 2mm apical.
  • Refill the irrigant, and use suction to eliminate the loose debris.
  • Repeat the cycle of agitation and replenishment 4 or 5 times
  • Utilize a side-vented needle to inject the rinse solutions into your canal.
  • Protect the device with an appropriate sleeve that protects against damage to the device’s surface.
Additional information
Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions18 × 8 × 8 cm
Ultrasonic Endo Activator