Curettes Periodontal Dental Instruments

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Curettes Periodontal Dental Instruments

These curettes are used for cleaning, scaling, and root planning in periodontal treatments. Oral biofilm and subgingival tartar can be removed with the sharp tip of the instrument. The color-coded ergonomic handle of the curette ensures excellent grip and ease of handling. Gracey curettes are available in 7 different shapes

Product Details:

•for cleaning and root planing and removing tartar

•double head instrument

•with a sharp point

•instrument tip adapts to tooth anatomy

•ergonomic, color-coded, silicone-coated handle

•available in 7 different shapes







Additional information
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm
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3 reviews for Curettes Periodontal Dental Instruments

  1. Rosario Jiménez (verified owner)

    The Dental Laboratorio app is incredibly helpful. Great variety of products are available occasionally there are shipping delays but overall wondetful experience.

  2. Patricia Moya (verified owner)

    Trust me. This one is very good and best in this price. Looks wise classy product, and quality is also good when compared to other products.

  3. Виктор Луланков (verified owner)

    Good stuff👍

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Curettes Periodontal Dental Instruments