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Langenbeck Retractor

Langenbeck Retractor Widely used for manual superficial retraction (skin/subcutaneous tissue) purposes. This retractor is an instrument which helps the surgeon in widening an incision or a wound.

This particular type of Langenbeck retractor is useful to retract soft tissue for a temporary basis.

The langenbeck retractor is a handheld instrument which constitutes of a flat blade. The blade is bent at a right angle to the retractor’s handle.

The article’s function: Facilitate the visibility of the operative field, help to retract lips, cheeks, and flaps once detached. It is used to retract flaps to a certain depth.

Sterilization management: It must be cleaned, disinfected, dried and bagged, for subsequent sterilization in the autoclave.

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3 reviews for Langenbeck Retractor Dental

  1. Inaya Scholten (verified owner)

    Best product n worth for money😊

  2. Lola Cano (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  3. Marin Bogdanović (verified owner)

    The final product is beautiful and I am eager to get it in my office!

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