Anesthesia Dental Syringe-Gun Type

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Anesthesia Dental Syringe

Syringe for local anesthesia, “Gun” type.

This syringe has excellent ergonomics, suitable for injecting up to 1.8 milliliters of the anesthetic solution directly into the periodontal ligament, called intraligamentous.

Ergonomic design. High resistance handle. Simple and very reliable handling: a movement of the trigger lever corresponding to 1.8 ml.

They are made of high-quality stainless steel.

gun dental syringe for anesthesia injection


This syringe is used for the application of local anesthetic.


  • Made by medical stainless steel;
  • The dental syringe is for anesthesia injection;
  • Design of gun dental sryinge stainless steel;
  • Dental Intraligamental Tralig Syringe Gun 1.8 ml;
  • Weight:240g;
  • Length:15cm
Additional information
Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions6 × 6 × 4 cm
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3 reviews for Anesthesia Dental Syringe-Gun Type

  1. Roger Bailey (verified owner)

    Good safety product

  2. Pərvanə Blumstein (verified owner)

    Always recieved genuine products without compromising quality…and the cost of each product is really affordable comparatively..also .the products which are out of stock in usual stores will be available here…

  3. Ferne (verified owner)

    Very good light weight👍

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Anesthesia dental syringe
Anesthesia Dental Syringe-Gun Type