Rotary Endo Handpiece Speed 16:1

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Speed 16:1 Rotary endodontic handpiece.

Powered by electric motor, ISO E-type connection.

One hole water spray, Fiber optic light.

Fit Niti rotary files 360° rotation, Push button chuck.

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Speed 16:1 reduction endo handpiece

This rotary endodontic handpiece provides a 16:1 speed reduction ratio and more power when dentist needs arise. It is compatible with all brands of NITI endo rotary file systems and is suitable for reciprocating 360° rotation.

Endo handpiece attachment to the delivery system is an E-type connection, fitting ISO standard.

Contra-angle 16:1 reduction rotary endo handpiece rates at 20-1,800 rpm drove with 30,000 rpm handpiece motor.

Attachment to Delivery System: E-Style Connection, ISO standard.

Designed with fiber optic light and a mini head, it is easy to access the posterior for better endodontic treatment under the light.


  • Contra-Angle Type:16:1 Reduction
  • RPM Range:20 – 1,800 RPM
  • Light Available: Fiber optic
  • Water supply: One-hole inner water irrigation system.
  • Motor Type: Electric
  • Handpiece body material made: rigid antiscratch stainless steel
  • Attachment to Delivery System: ISO E-Style Connection(W&H, KaVo, NSK compatibility)
  • Auto Reverse: Yes
  • Push button chuck, fit NITI Rotary files reciprocating 360° rotation.

Benefits in endodontic dentistry

The 16:1 ratio speed rotary endo handpiece is an ideal tool for precise endodontics. This lightweight handpiece offers superior torque control and precise movement for efficient and comfortable drilling. It is powered by a fiber optic contra-angle head that has a 16:1 gear ratio, allowing the user to access hard-to-reach areas with ease.

The handpiece features a quick-change chuck that makes it easy to switch between endodontic burs. The handpiece also comes with an ergonomic design that reduces vibration and provides comfort during extended use. Furthermore, this rotary endo handpiece has an anti-retraction system that prevents cross-contamination and maintains sterility. With its superior torque control and precise movement, the 16:1 ratio speed rotary endo handpiece is an essential tool for any endodontic practice.

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6 reviews for Rotary Endo Handpiece Speed 16:1

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