Intuitive Touch Control Implant Motor and Handpiece for Efficient Surgery

Featuring a high-definition touch screen, AI calibration, and a powerful Swiss LED motor, this dental implant motor and handpiece system empowers dentists with effortless control and exceptional precision.

Powerful & Reliable: Swiss LED motor tackles any procedure with wide speed range (100-40,000 rpm) and high torque (70

Hands-Free Control: Multi-functional foot pedal for water flow, program, direction & speed – maximize efficiency & focus on surgery.

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AL Implant Touch: Intuitive Implant Motor System

The AL Implant Touch is a dental implant system designed for ease of use and accuracy during implant placement procedures. A high-definition touch screen allows for intuitive control of the motor, while AI intelligent calibration ensures precision throughout the surgery. For safe and successful implant placement, the motor provides accurate torque control. A real-time speed display keeps the dentist informed during the procedure.

The powerful Swiss LED motor boasts a wide speed range (100-40,000 rpm) for versatility and a high maximum torque (70 to tackle demanding procedures. 

Hands-free control is achieved through a multi-functional foot pedal, which allows for water flow control, program selection, rotation direction, and speed adjustment. A silent peristaltic pump with steady water flow ensures aseptic operation and easy hose connection and disconnection.

The motor set, which comes equipped with a handpiece featuring a 20:1 reduction ratio, benefits from the inclusion of fiber optic illumination and an external water supply system for enhanced performance and precision.

Design Features

1, Implant motor:

  • High-definition touch screen:The implant motor is controlled by a high-definition touch screen, which allows for easy and intuitive operation.
  • AI intelligent calibration:The implant motor features AI intelligent calibration, which helps to ensure the accuracy and safety of the procedure.
  • Accurate torque control:The implant motor provides accurate torque control, which is essential for safe and successful implant placement.
  • Real-time speed display:The implant motor has a real-time speed display, which allows the dentist to monitor the speed of the motor during surgery.

2, Multi-functional Foot Pedal:

  • 5-rotor stepper motor precisely controls the rotation angle.
  • Program switching (P1-P5):This allows for the selection of different pre-programmed settings.
  • Cooling water switch (On/Off):Allows you to turn the cooling water flow on or off.
  • Switch motor rotation direction (FWD/REV)..
  • Easily installation, running silently, offering steady water flow.

3, Peristaltic Pump:

  • The multi-functional foot pedal can easily control and switch the water flow, program, rotation direction and intelligently control the speed.
  • Truly achieve aseptic operation, thoroughly liberate hands.
  • Quickly change hoses with a single twist and close lightly without gaps.

Accessories list

accessories of the implant motor

Control TerminalThe main unit that controls the speed and torque of the motor.
20:1 Contra AngleAn attachment that connects the handpiece to the control terminal and provides a 20:1 gear ratio.
Motor with CableThe motor that provides power to the handpiece.
Foot SwitchAllows the dentist to control the motor on and off with their foot.
Power CordThe cord that connects the control terminal to the power outlet.
Disposable Gum RinserA disposable device used to irrigate the surgical site.
Water Bottle BracketA bracket that holds the water bottle for the irrigation system.
Motor BracketThe bracket that holds the motor in place.

Motor parameter

VoltageAC 100-230V
Voltage Fluctuation±10
Frequency50 Hz
Max. Power Consumption340VA
Rated Voltage Torque Range5-70
Rated Voltage Speed Range100-40,000 rpm
Cooling Water Flow10-100 ml/min
Operation ModeS3(3/10 MINY)

Original factory setting, user can define the custom data

ParameterFactory Settings (P1-P3)User Manual Settings (P4-P5)
Speed Ratio1:1, 20:1, 20:120:1, 20:1, 20:1, 20:1
Rotation Rate (rpm)35,000, 1,200, 80030, 30, 30, 30
Speed Range (rpm)100-40,000, 15-2,000, 15-2,0001200-1,500, 1,000-1,200, 900-1,000
DirectionForward, Forward, ForwardForward, Reverse, Forward, Reverse
Cooling WaterOn, On, OnOff, Off, Off, Off
Torque (cmN)100%, 100%, 100%45, 45, 45, 45
Torque Range (, 5~70, 5~70, 5~70

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Additional information
Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 20 cm

Straight Handpiece fiber optic, Straight Handpiece Non-light, Complete micromotor set, motor, 1:5 handpiece, 45° angled handpiece, 1:1 handpiece

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intutive touch control oral surgery motor set
Intuitive Touch Control Implant Motor and Handpiece for Efficient Surgery