Articulation Occlusal Alignment Plates Kit

Discover Dental Laboratorio’s premium occlusal alignment plates kit, featuring 5 precision-crafted pieces for optimal occlusion.

Compatible with Artex-mounting system. Achieve accurate dental prosthetics fabrication with ease.

Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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Universal Occlusal Stand And Plates Kit In Dental Lab

Application: The universal occlusal stand is used in dental laboratories during the fabrication of dental prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Purpose: The purpose of the universal occlusal stand is to provide a stable platform for mounting dental models in the correct occlusal relationship. It helps dental technicians to accurately reproduce the patient’s bite and ensure proper alignment and function of the final dental prosthesis.

Packing: 5pcs alignment occlusal plates + magnetic stand.


Parameter Description
Quantity 5 pieces per kit
Alignment Plates 1 flat plane + 4 curved designs
Compatibility Artex-mounting system compatibility
Versatility Different curved designs for optimal occlusion
Precise Adjustment Ensures accurate occlusion during prosthetics fabrication
Ease of Use Convenient and user-friendly for dental technicians
Material Quality High-quality materials for durability and performance
Patient Satisfaction Improves patient outcomes and comfort
Flexibility Can be used with a variety of articulators
Professional Results Delivers precise results in dental prosthetics

At Dental Laboratorio, we offer a range of articulators, including average value, semi-adjustable, and fully adjustable types that are all compatible with the Artex-mounting system. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive universal occlusal plane and stand kit. You have the flexibility to purchase the kit with any of our articulator options or individual items as needed for your dental laboratory needs.

Articulator parameter:

1. Average value articulator

dental articulator artex bn system model

Sagittal Condylar Inclination Fixed at +35°
Curvature Radius 19 mm
Bennett Angle Fixed at +15°
Incisal Guidance Adjustable from -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table

2. Semi-adjustable articulator

Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator Sales Online

Parameter Adjustment Range
Intercondylar Distance Fixed at 110 mm
Sagittal Condyle Path Up to 70°
Lateral Incisal Path Angle 0° to 40° on each side
Sagittal Incisal Path Angle Up to 20° forwards, 40° backwards (for edentulous cases)
Immediate Side Shift 0 to 3 mm
Incisal Pin Adjustment Up to 10 mm upward, 5 mm downward

3. Fully adjustable articulator

Parameter Adjustment Range
Sagittal Condylar Inclination -20° to +60°
Curvature Radius of Condylar Inclination 19 mm
Bennett Angle -5° to +30°
Protrusion 0 to 6 mm
Retrusion 0 to 2 mm
Distraction 0 to 3 mm
Immediate Sideshift (ISS) 0 to 1.5 mm
Incisal Guidance -5 mm to +10 mm
Incisal Guidance Table
Additional information

Occlusal alignment kit, average articulator + alignment kit, semi-adjustable articulator + alignment kit, fully adjustable articulator + alignment kit

occlusal plane and stand kit
Articulation Occlusal Alignment Plates Kit
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