Dental Electric Motor

Boost your dental practice with our powerful dental electric motor. With high torque and adjustable RPM speeds (2000-400,000), this motor offers exceptional precision and versatility.

Enjoy a quieter operation (<60dB), LED fiber optic light source, and intuitive touchpad controls.

Our motor is designed to last for an impressive 5 years of continuous use, making it a reliable and long-lasting solution for your dental practice.

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High Torque, Adjustable Speed Electric Handpieces Micromotor With Touch Control System

This motor provides consistent high torque across a wide range of RPMs, from 2000 to 400,000, with a torque of 3.4Ncm.

Not only is it quieter than air turbine motors, it also comes with an integrated intuitive user interface touchpad control system and efficient LED lighting for precise and accurate dental work.

This motor is designed with an international “E” couple handpiece connection type, making it compatible with a wide range of dental tools, and is also compatible with KaVo electric motor control protocols for seamless integration with your existing dental equipment. Upgrade your dental practice today with our electric dental motor.


  1. Consistent high torque across a wide range of RPM speeds (2000-400,000) with 3.4Ncm torque.
  2. Quieter operation with noise level below 60dB.
  3. LED fiber optic light source for enhanced visibility.
  4. Endodontic function for efficient root canal treatments.
  5. Digital touchpad control system for easy operation.
  6. Compatible with international standard E-type handpiece connection.
  7. Three pre-setting speed ratios (increasing speed, direct drive, reduction) for customization.
  8. High-speed 1:5 increasing speed ratio (10,000-200,000rpm).
  9. Standard 1:1 direct drive speed (2,000-40,000rpm).
  10. Reduction speed ratios: 4:1 (500-10,000rpm) and 16:1 (100-2,500rpm).


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Electric Motor Set, Motor, 1:5 handpiece, 45° angled handpiece, 1:1, 4:1 handpiece for rotary files, 4:1 handpiece for hand files, 4:1 handpiece for RA burs/polishers, 16:1 handpiece for rotary files, 16:1 handpiece for hand files, 16:1 handpiece for RA burs/polishers

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Dental Electric Motor
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