electric dental lab pressure pot

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dental laboratory pressure pot;

110V 220V;

13kg,Free DHL | Fedex delivery.

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dental lab pressure pot

This dental lab pressure pot equipment is application of the dental laboratory restoration of disinfect.

The Dental High Pressure Pot is commonly used in dental laboratory. It has the advantages of small size and easy operations. Please read the user manual carefully before use.


VoltageAC220v/50HZ  ±10%
Maximum Pressure0.15Mpa

Structure and working principle

1. Fill some water in the pot.

2. Plug in the machine and set up the temperature. The heating up indicator light

will be on.

3. Set the temperature at more that 100℃. The machine can reach high pressure

state by getting enough water vapour.

4. The machine can also reach high pressure state by connecting with air compressor.

Open the valve on the pot cover and insert the air tube into the quick connect. Increase

the pressure slowly to the needed value and then close the valve.

5. The pot cover can be only open after the air pressure is the same with the outside

air pressure.


1. The machine must be working unless it has water inside.

2. DO NOT hit the pressure pot while working due to high pressure.

3. DO NOT open the pot cover when the pressure inside the pot is still high in case

that people get hurt.



Additional information

Weight13 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 15 cm


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