Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator

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Semi adjustable dental articulator, Artex mounting system.


  • Arcon articulator type
  • Distraction can be adjustable up to 3 mm.
  • Incisal pin enables to adjust from 10 mm upper to 5 mm lower sides on the intercondylar axis center.

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Semi adjustable dental articulator

Semi-Adjustable Articulators are the widely used dental articulators in various dental clinics. Semi-adjustable dental articulators can perform most of the dental treatments; they are highly appropriate for education and training purposes and the development of dental casts for study purposes. Semi adjustable articulators sufficiently simulate condylar trajectories, using values ​​corresponding to those of the patient for nearly all the jaw movements. A face bow device is used to transfer the models in relation to the temporomandibular joints of the patient.

This dental product needle supports the backside of the maxillary combination frame to facilitate the operation. The disposable articulator mounting plate is compatible with the Artex dental system. It is made up of stainless steel, and all its functional components are made up of aluminum. It is explicitly designed under international standard protocols. Its unique design allows the users to use it efficiently. It accelerates the process of work on the model or cast whilst also reducing work on the patient and significantly reducing patient discomfort.

The upper part of the articulator consists of condyles and a glenoid cavity in the lower part of the articulator.


Parameter Adjustment Range
Intercondylar Distance Fixed at 110 mm
Sagittal Condyle Path Adjustment Up to 70°
Lateral Incisal Path Angle 0° to 40° on each side
Sagittal Incisal Path Angle Up to 20° forwards, 40° backwards (for edentulous cases)
Immediate Side Shift Adjustment 0 to 3 mm
Incisal Pin Adjustment Up to 10 mm upward, 5 mm downward

Face bow and articulator semi-adjustable full kit artex system compatible is available:

  • 1 piece dental articulator semi-adjustable
  • 1 piece face bow dental transfer stand
  • 1 kit face bow dental row teeth plates
  • 1 kit dental face bow

artex system face bow and articulator semi-adjustable kit for sale

Additional information
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 cm

Articulator semi-adjustable, semi-adjustable articulator and face bow full kit

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12 reviews for Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator

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